50 of the Weirdest and Dumbest Achievements

Most Xbox 360 Achievement points are for sensible things - completing levels, mastering moves, defeating tough bosses, that sort of thing. But sometimes - sometimes - they're just silly. Here's a collection of 50 of the oddest, weirdest and downright dumbest Achievements a gamer can get.

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farhsa20083337d ago

thats funny...i could say the same thing about xbox 360.

Eiffel3337d ago

Wrong section

---->Open zone.
That's where you need to inhabit, amongst your fanboy brotheren.

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elorm93337d ago

"Press the A button 2047 times, the year the game takes place (20 points)"

Probably the strangest one on the list :|

But yeah... there are some wierd trophies on the PS3 in games like warhawk where you have to get killed by a mine 5 times for a bronze...

kingfury3337d ago

xbox 360 is just a dumb f*cking system altogether

xenogamer3337d ago

and i believe i am about the 200 hour mark, trying to get all those trophies is soooo time consuming, you really get your moneys worth with fallout 3.

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The story is too old to be commented.