Infogrames Bring Tekken 6 to Europe

NAMCO BANDAI Games Europe gets working on its combos in preparation for the next instalment in the ultimate fighting franchise TEKKEN 6, scheduled for release in Europe through its distribution partnership with Infogrames Entertainment in autumn 2009 for the Xbox360 and PLAYSTATION3.

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Salta_nelas3514d ago

4 years making a fighting game, get a grip Scamco.

Dragunov3514d ago

Look at my avatar.. I hate scamco, bring it on!!!

Arsenal4Ever3514d ago

yep 4 years lol. This game was finished in 2007. Shouldve had it at the latest of March 08. Then Microsoft had to pluck cash at Namco's faces to delay the PS3 version a year just like they did with FF13.

ShinFuYux3514d ago

But I hope Namco doesn't screw us over with "buy the game, but then pay extra for the costumes".

Anyway, I can't wait!!