Billboard's "25 Best" Game Songs List is a Joke; Ignores the Brilliance of Gaming Soundtracks

After pointing out how Billboard's recent "25 Best Video Game Songs" List excluded music actually composed or recorded specifically for videogames, Anthony Perez of SmashPad writes:

"What's sad is that I had just rekindled my love of gaming music over the Thanksgiving holiday. My cousins are mostly musicians, with one amazing piano player currently studying music at the University of Delaware. Another of my cousins plays both the piano and drums, and when I was hanging with theme, he played a ton of video game songs on the piano including To Zanarkand from Final Fantasy X, Aeris Theme and One Winged Angel from Final Fantasy VII, the Legend of Zelda theme, and a lot more.

When listening to those songs played as pieces of music detached from their respective games, you can hear the emotion and brilliance of them. So seeing such a shitty list from Billboard frankly pisses me off because it doesn't highlight the truly great music that has been composed for videogames."

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CenturionElite3519d ago

Wow, I never heard One Winged Angel by the orchestra before. That was great. I've attached for the rest.

JayTee09023519d ago

That is a really terrible list. How do you have a list of best game music with NO game music? I agree that video game music is overlooked way too often. There's a lot of awesome pieces of music that have been conducted for videogames. No one will ever respect it though because they're from games. Most people just think of blips and bloops. Hell even some modern day movies show kids playing 360 games, but the sound playing is from like the 8-bit days.

CrashSpyro1233519d ago


"So seeing such a sh*tty list from Billboard frankly pisses me off because it doesn't highlight the truly great music that has been composed for videogames."

Hear Hear. I'm a big fan of the soundtracks from the Lunar games as well.

blueleopard3519d ago

I actually had a professor who thought games were a waste of time and money. He basically lumped it with rap music, saying it was all about money and hoes. He said games were all about mindless killing and blood.

He was a big fan of orchestral music though. I actually played THAT same FF7 song - the sephiroth one - for him and he was like "That was beautiful and frightening."

I told him it was from Final Fantasy VII. He bought a PS2 a couple of weeks later.

mazirjones3519d ago

God damn I love that story.

FantasyStar3519d ago

Professor got owned, but for the betterment of gaming-kind. I'd argue that video-game music rivals with hollywood movies very well. Even surpasses it IMO in some cases.

Killjoy30003519d ago

Pretty sh*tty article indeed.

Metal gear Solid
God of War
Max Payne

All of these game shave absolutely amazing scores, and all of them are ignored.

(BTW, MGS has the best music EVER)

*Alarm Blares* Du-nuh duh duh!!! Dut Dut, Dut-dut-dut!!

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The story is too old to be commented.