Ready 2 Rumble Revolution Announced for the Nintendo Wii

GamingShogun writes, "Atari has announced the development of Ready 2 Rumble Revolution for the Nintendo Wii platform. Set for release in the Spring of 2009, Ready 2 Rumble Revolution is an arcade boxing game which will make use of the Wii's unique control scheme and provide gamers with 'knockout punch of style and attitude'..."

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StalkingSilence3371d ago

I haven't been that impressed by a lot of Nintendo's re-hashed titles this generation. I would LOVE to be surprised. Control scheme details?

Captain_Sony3371d ago

So the 3rd SSB is wrong but I bet you bought the 8th GTA? Probably looking forward to the 18th Final Fantasy? LAst time I checked the other consoles have way more rehashes.. Doesnt seem to be an issue for you though... Guess you only have a problem because of the name of the console.Open zone is that way ->. Thats were fanboy comments like yours belong

Gr813371d ago

Awesome! You know, you are a clever poster. Consider yourself tracked.