'Call Of Duty' retains PS3 top spot, Resistance 2 at No. 2

Call Of Duty: World At War has made it three weeks at the top of the PS3 chart, with Resistance 2 going straight in at number two.

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PirateThom3514d ago

In the PS3 chart... but it's still 6th in the All format chart, which is nothing to be sneezed at since there was distribution problems.

InMyOpinion3514d ago

6th? Where do you get your numbers from? More like 10th.

InMyOpinion3514d ago (Edited 3514d ago )

These are for the same time but they have it at number 10. Weird.

I think the one you provided does not include PC games.

PirateThom3514d ago

There's two charts, one is All formats (which combines all the same games into one entry - Call of Duty World of War is one entry, for example), on the one I linked to, it breaks it down by format, (so there's one entry for each console for CoD).

Dark_Overlord3513d ago

Because America isn't the only place on the planet

XXXCouture3513d ago

and England ain't the only country in Europe

sinny3513d ago

And yet UK charts are looking more and more like if it were the US charts ...except for PES/Fifa obviously
Luckily Europe is not all made by US wannabes ( UK )
Go Manchester!

The Killer3513d ago

even with the distribution problem??? WOW i wonder what will it be if there was no distribution problem!!

i bet it would have been at number 1 or 2 in all formats in UK!

Dark_Overlord3513d ago

Never said it was :-)

I was just answering chaosatoms question

XXXCouture3513d ago

Yeah i know, its allright :p i was just reminding people that we still havent seen the charts for the rest of europe

kwicksandz3513d ago

Sad to see multiplat shooters and need for speed CMXVIII chart higher than the systems exclusives =( Poor pacific rift, we barely knew thee.

Vip3r3513d ago


England isn't the only country in the UK.


"Luckily Europe is not all made by US wannabes ( UK )
Go Manchester! "

If you think we all want to be american then you're very, very much mistaken.

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Craig David3514d ago

FAIL..................Where is it in the all formats, haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

ThatCanadianGuy3513d ago

Damn bro..another new account? First it was 4cough then it was Petay pan now this? Get a life?

OmarJA3513d ago

What's the matter ? You're butt's hurts ?

LittleBigKillzone3514d ago

So much for LOL RESISTANCE 2 is a flop.. You guys have to keep in mind that Sony and MS have 2 totally different goals. Sony rather have several 1st party exclusives of different genres that sell millions across all of them while MS believes in putting all their eggs in one basket and only having one or two heavy hitting exclusives like Halo 3 or Gears 2.

If you added up total sales for ALL of sony's 1st party games against total sales of ALL 360's 1st party games, you would actually see PS3 has overall sold more 1st party exclusives then 360 has.. Uncharted has sold 2.2 million, Resistance 3.5 million, Motorstorm 2.6 million, Heavenly Sword 1.2 million, MGS4 3.5 million, LittleBigPlanet is at 800,000 now and Gran Turismo 5 prologue has sold 3.2 million worldwide.

With 360 you have Gears 1 which sold 4 million, Halo 3 sold 6, Gears 2 sold 3.5 million and Fable 2 sold 1.5 million. So if you actually crunch the numbers both MS and Sony are doing fine, im glad sony doesnt just rely on 1 or 2 franchises to make them big bucks like MS does with Gears and Halo.. Sony believes in having quantity of quality

Omega43514d ago

I dont think its fair to include MGS4 when Sony didnt publish the game also why didnt you include Forza 2 and Viva Pinata, 4ml and 1.5ml respectively (bundles can work wonder for game sales eh)

Sony = 2 platformer, 2 racers, 1 FPS, 1 Hack/slash and 1 Stealth
MS = 2 TPS, 1 FPS, 1 racer, 1 RPG, 1 garden sim

Seems like both have variety but even with less games MS manages to sell more of them

As for R2 debuting at 2 that pretty bad when you consider its Sonys main shooter franchise (after Killzone) and it couldnt even outsell a 3 week old multiplatform game that poor no matter how you try and spin it

Pennywise3514d ago

Omega, give yourself a bubble. You are so smart!

chaosatom3514d ago

HEY Omega, Are u talking about COD5 pawing Gears 2 after the first or second week. lol.

season0073513d ago

you call 50% thats 3 out of 6 games that sells are shooters VARIETY?
you sure you know what that word supposed to mean?

ionize3513d ago

Hey's Omega with her inaccurate observations and anti Sony propaganda again...How do you manage to keep those bubbles?

Anon19743513d ago

MS has an attach rate of approx 7 or 8. You have to figure 5 of those games are Halo 3, COD4, GTA4, Gears and Gears 2. Other than that, 360 owners turn their noses up at everything else. Just look at sales of TombRaider Underworld, Banjo Kazooie, Too Human, Lost Ody or Blue Dragon. LBP sold over a million copies in a month, and it's a platformer. Has Banjo even done 100,000?

I think the long term issue is that, despite there being more than FPS's on the 360, FPS's are the only games 360 owners seem to want. If you're a developer with a platformer, or just looking to try something new - do you develop for the 360 or for the PS3 or Wii?

bruiser813513d ago

actually i though MGS4 was at like 4.5 mil or something like that. At least thats what was post last week.

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happyface3513d ago

I guess real ps3 owners (real people not msg board superfans) realized resistance isn't a AAA shooter franchise

Sony has a LOT of work to do if they want to have their own Halo or Gears

poeo3513d ago (Edited 3513d ago )

MGS4 was better than a Halo or Gears game.. IMO

EDIT: much better.

JBaby3433513d ago

That's really all that matters. I enjoy them more than Gears or Halo (though Halo 3's MP is a lot of fun). Sony's work is just fine thus far.

Ding3513d ago

happyface - 2 hours ago

3 -
I guess real ps3 owners (real people not msg board superfans) realized resistance isn't a AAA shooter franchise

Sony has a LOT of work to do if they want to have their own Halo or Gears


Not in Europe they won't son.

The VERY OVERhyped Halo 3 wasn't only outsold by every iteration of the GT and GTS 3 series, but also Eyetoy Play, Getaway, MGS 2 & 3, Tekken Tag Tournament, FFX, many of the NFS/LotR/ Fifa/ PES series, MoH:Frontline/Rising Sun, 007 James Bond Nightfire, Crash Bandicoot Wrathe of Cortex, Simpsons Hit & Run, to name but a few PS2 titles. Hell even Sonic Heroes outsold Halo here and equaled Halo 2 sales.

RFoM was a LAUNCH title for the PS3 and has sold 1.85 units to date,

Gears was released 12 months after the XB360 launched..

and sold 1.85 million units to date exactly the same. CoD4..

Sold 1.86 million on the XB360 beating Gears, but only 1.73 million on the PS3 so sold less than RFoM.

Sold 1.42 million, Halo 2 1.68 million and Halo 3 2.28 million here.

So Resistance equaled Gears sales, outsold Halo 1 and 2, the only record MS has left in Europe is Halo 3, the again Halo3 was released 22 months after the XB360s launch and is 37 months old [Dec 05 - Dec 08].. The PS3 is 21 months old [Mar 07 - Dec 08].

So the PS3 already HAD it's Halo killer in Europe at least, you just weren't paying attention! Not bad for a LAUNCH title eh? lol

BTW R2 was only released here on the 28th of Nov those charts were up to the w/e 29th Nov.

YogiBear3513d ago

Are you off your meds? R2 is an extraordinary game.

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borgome3513d ago

Is the wool sock thing from LBP called Kratos or what?

happyface3513d ago

I think its called a "Sack Boy"

its for the ps3 owner that likes to play with dolls

ToastyMcNibbles3513d ago

i think its called "Avatars" its for 360 owners who like to play with dolls