Rumor Killers: GTAIV DLC, LEGO Harry Potter, and Street Fighter IV Sackboys

The latest gossip on Grand Theft Auto IV DLC, a Harry Potter Lego game, and LittleBigPlanet as we finally start our holiday shopping.

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italianbreadman3241d ago

People will buy GameStop's GTAIV DLC simply because they have store credit to use up.

James Abels3241d ago

Hrmm Good Idea I still have 30$ on my card, haha

Nick27283241d ago

I wonder why they'd sell it through retail as opposed to just letting people download it through an online service. Retailing it seems to be just adding another layer to the process that could be avoided...unique download token or no it's not like you aren't going to have to drive home and download it anyway.

Fishy Fingers3241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

Well not every 360 owner has a Gold Subscription (about 8mil of them i think). MS are rumoured to have paid $50mil for the DLC, if that's accurate, they need to maximise their potential customer base. I think the code is a great idea, it opens up the customer base to those with silver accounts, or even no internet as long as they have a friend who has. Their costs will be minimal as they're not using a DVD or Case, less graphics (point of sale) required.

It seems a perfectly logical move for them to make to me. Especially when the DLC is predominantly single player orientated.

Pennywise3241d ago

Isn't there a cap on file size for LIVE downloads?

3241d ago
JD_Shadow3240d ago

Maybe Rockstar wants to do this to see if they could possibly release a retail (physical media) version of this for PS3 owners or something (just a guess). No one said Rockstar couldn't do that.

Of course, no one actually said Rockstar couldn't give PS3 owners and GTA4 DLC or episodes, yet people STILL think that, so expect people to try to tell me that some catch-22 contract caught that retail possibility along with everything in existence, as well.

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ThePimpOfSound3241d ago

You'd be stupid not to make a Harry Potter lego game. Cha-ching.

Covenant3241d ago

Agreed. I'd buy it...for the kids, of course. :)

Fishy Fingers3241d ago

Off topic.

Episode your avatar is taken from is Amazing! LOL > http://www.southparkstudios...

cain1413241d ago

I'm surprized it didn't happen sooner...

Covenant3241d ago

Yup, it's a personal favorite of mine, as well. (Heroin game, LOL). My avatar was DL'd from the South Park Studios site, so the quality is a bit grainy. I need to play with it a bit to get it better. My old avatar (also Stan) was pulled from the John Edward episode with VLC's snapshot function.

Back on topic: I would also welcome the often-rumored Lego Halo.

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italianbreadman3239d ago

LEGO High School Musical?

(if that ever happens, shoot me)