Jak IV Won't be Announced for PlayStation 3 Soon

The Dutch website highlights an unofficial rumour that made the rounds in October of this year.

After the relatively unexpected Uncharted 2 reveal, what kind of joys might be met by the announcement of Jak IV. One website hones in on a shaky statement.

However reliable the source might be, there's no way Jak IV will be announced for the PlayStation 3, since Naughty Dog are head deep in Uncharted 2: Among Thieves development.

If anything, there might be a Jak and Daxter release on the PSP, in a similar vein to Resistance Retribution, which was not developed by the series' PlayStation 3 developer Insomniac, but by Bend Studios.

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Pennywise3372d ago

Yes it will, no it wont. Yes, no. Maybe.

Saigon3371d ago

when will some people realize that once a game reaches a certain stage such as the beta stage...the main develop,emt is complete...and there is a team specificly formed to fix all the bugs and errors that are found in the beta stage...based on that the devs or team from the Alpha team can alocate their resources (in other words can be placed on other projects)...

I hate people that just write articles just to write them because they don't agree with an article that was posted...I bet a lot of individuals do not know Level 5 is working on their next game right now...

fishd3371d ago

I'll see God of War III for the first time,till then I don't give a sh1t about anything else.Make Jak4,don't make it,discontinue PS3!,kill my dog!!,whatever who cares...

*Back to dreaming about GOWIII*

PS3istheshit3261d ago

f### man im seriously gonna be pissed if Naughty Dog doesnt make another Jak and Daxter for PS3
It's my favorite game of Playstation 2
Im gonna be really pissed at Sony man if they dont bring at least 1 Jak and Daxter game
All 3 were unbelievable
Ratchet and Clank was really fun but Jak and Daxter was the best thing ever
It did the best in every way
Gameplay was sick
Story always had me wanting more
I was always satisfied after every cutscene
And what better sidekick could you have other then Daxter
It had all emotions in the game
It was just the best games ive ever played
Im gonna go out and buy the games again and play em on my PS3
I dont care about graphics and other meaningless quality as long as the next Jak and Daxter stays true to the series
I heard rumors of the next game coming out this holiday season
I will be so friccken happy if they make one
Naughty Dog, if you dont make another Jak and Daxter game . . . Then Imma Have to Cut Yo Bals Mang!
Im serious, I will fly out to wherever the studios are and I will ask them to make the game [email protected] it

DarthTigra 3372d ago

"However reliable the source might be, there's no way Jak IV will be announced for the PlayStation 3, since Naughty Dog are head deep in Uncharted 2: Among Thieves development."

So what lol studios cant work on two games at a time lol?

techie3372d ago

Naughty Dog are only working on Uncharted 2.

fadeawayjae3372d ago

I don't see why naughty dog can't have two teams working on two different games

techie3372d ago (Edited 3372d ago )

Naughty Dog are much smaller, and don't work at a 1 yearly rate. Their development is focussed on one game every 2 years.

DarthTigra 3372d ago

True but after how accurate that rumor was,I wouldn't be surprised if it was true.

techie3372d ago

But the first wasn't a rumour. It was fact, a fact most of us knew. The last part is a guess...he says ND are working on something else..."maybe it's Jak"

TheColbertinator3371d ago

Naughty Dog always plans ahead.During the years they were working on Jak for the PS2,they were already laying the blueprint for their next game.Besides Jak and Daxter Lost Frontier was trademarked back in 2006.Its obvious this has been on the ND list for a while now

princejb1343371d ago

but i believe square enix is working on more than one game at the time, such as the kingdom hearts game, and final fantasy
this is a opinion dou
not sure how big or small square enix studios are

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Arsenal4Ever3372d ago

No. Insomniac dont work on two at once. They just do concepts for one game while the other is hard in development. That way they can release 1 triple AAA every year.

T-Baggins3372d ago (Edited 3372d ago )

Wow, what a stupid article, Naughty Dog is a small company but that doesn’t mean they can’t make two games at one time, they were already making the uncharted engine (ICE) and testing out game play elements while making jak3 that sounds like 2 things to me. This also doesn’t mean they can’t show us concept art or a short trailer, it’s not like they said the games coming out soon just that they might announce it. Also they have no proof what so ever they just say they’re too busy working on Uncharted , ok who told them that or is it just a guess.
Also the rumor was 100% accurate why would he toss in a lie at the end, it would be pointless (It says another project that doesn’t instantly mean a new Jak game, but one can hope)

techie3372d ago

They aren't making Jak 4 OK. PSP Jak is in the works, but it aint ND!

DarthTigra 3372d ago

Lol deep you seem pretty set on ND not making a jak game.

Danja3371d ago

Naughty Dog is obviously hard at work on Uncharted , I doubt we're gonna see a JAK game soon unless it's for the PSP

T-Baggins3372d ago

I don’t care when they make it as long as they make it, also if Naughty Dog is the one who Patented “Jak & Daxter: The Lost Frontier” title no one else can use by law so it’s not a PSP game from some other company, Naught Dog doesn’t make PSP games and I don’t think they’re going to start now.

techie3372d ago (Edited 3372d ago )

Oh nevermind

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