Square Enix: We'll help Xbox 360 in Japan

The producer of Kingdom Hearts 2 says interest in Microsoft's machine is increasing in the Far East

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Pennywise3489d ago

I'm sure all Japanese people are ready to buy a 360 for sub-par RPGs... Get 'em Square!

solidt123489d ago

Should read: "Checks from Microsoft are increasing in the Far East"

Counter_ACT3489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )

True. So far Xbox 360 RPGs from Square have been nothing but crap.

Foxgod3489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )

obviously you never heard of lost oddysey.
Mistwalker makes awesome rpg's, and for 2009 they will deliver blue dragon 2 and cry on.

Disagree all you want, mistwalker got ex Square people on board, the same people who left because square was going to merge with enix.
If they would be doing games for the ps3 you would all find mistwalker godly.

The Killer3489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )

big talk for a company that lost more than 70% of their revenue compared to last year??!!!

am i smelling another bankrupt in SE?? they talk as if they r still in that high position like they used to be! all they did is release average JRPG's and they think they can help 360? i think they should first consider helping them selfs before others!

and what happened to the "we will support all consoles" or "we want to expand in the west"??

conclusion: MS bought them! and SE they keep forgetting that Japan is their home base, wats the point in a failure tries to reach the west if u r losing japan who made them what they are?? and i think both MS and SE r damaging each other, by making SE make rushed and sub bar titles only on 360, this makes both SE and MS image of JRPGs exclusives(or time exclusive) very bad!

Lucreto3489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )

@ Foxgod

There are not SE titles so they don't count. There were reasonably successful in Japan. LO 750,000 WW and Blue Dragon 500,000 WW.

They are good RPGs but I can live without them.

@ Foxgod 1.6 They are considered good games but on average the 360 has fairly good JRPGs the poor SE titles are pulling down the overall average. It is like last Year the PS3 didn't have lots of AAA but the overall average of all the titles where hight than the 360.

My point being I average up the results and decided if a console has good JRPGs.

Foxgod3489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )

true, they are not from SE, but people are spitting around that 360 only got sub par rpg's

and thats BS, because the 360 got plenty of rocking rpg's

Pennywise3489d ago

And enter Foxgood to defend the clan. Give it up Fox, your point is so absurd... It isnt on topic OR Square. You just feel like being abrasive and against the grain as usual.... at least next time give us something we can take and say "hmm, good point".

Darkseider3489d ago

I disagreed only because they are not SE. Granted Lost Odyssey is a good RPG but it is NOT from SE. To date all SE has released to the HD market, read only 360 so far, has been junk. They really need to step up to the plate. Especially with the likes of Level 5, Mistwalker and Sega have thrown their hats into the ring and have shown they can make a better RPG than SE this gen. Makes you wonder what SE is doing or for that matter what they stopped doing to cause this.

CloudsEnd3489d ago

One RPG doesnt make Mistwalker to a Maestros of RPGs.

Blue Dragon was absolute sh!t, well better than Infinite Undiscovery and The Last Remnant, but its still sh!t in my eyes. =/

Mistwalker is awesome because they made Lost Odyssey, but that all they made... Lost Odyssey.

Socom3489d ago

SEs strategy dont work.

They claim to be supporting all consoles equally and bring out these average games on all these consoles. But the reality is this: WHO THE HELL WOULD BUY 47 DIFFERENT CONSOLES and 12 DIFFERENT HANDHELDS JUST TO PLAY SOME SE RPGs WHICH HAVENT BEEN THE SAME AS THEY USED TO BE ANYWAY.

Thats why they are losing revenue. You see, they bring Infinite floppery to 360 and they expect all PS2 RPG lovers to jump ship. When the reality is that no PS2 rpg fan is jumping ship at all.

Then they release another flop title on the 360 and challenge these fans a little bit more. The fans reactions? ANGER and MORE ANGER.

Rofl it was expected. Especially when the quality is getting lesser and lesser. SE is in no position to demand things. Wada screwed up big time. Wada and the goons are losing big time.

Down 70% is a sign that people are DISATISFIED. Take appropiate action now or face the consequences.

This is your final warning SE.

Danja3489d ago

wow this is a shocker , good for SE I honestly dont even care about there games that much except for a few games that i've been looking forward to from them for years now....

If they keep making crappy games for the 360 is it really helping them as a company in the long by tarnishing there image as once god JRPG makers just for a few pay=checks..then i feel sorry for them by the time this gen ends...

I really hope Sony start to acquire some more devs to make JRGP's and 4get about SE....what ever happened to those guys who made "Legend of the Dragoons ?

Death3489d ago

Businesses do not go by calendar years, they go by fiscal years. April to October was the first half of the 2008 fiscal year for Square/Enix. Revenue was up 57% over the same period last year. This has less to do with Xbox 360 and more to do with DS releases, but it is still an increase of 57%, not a decrease of 70% like you claim.

Don't take my word for it, here's a link that discusses Square/Enix last quarterly financial statement.


jcfilth3489d ago

Since M$ got in the consoles business everything is [email protected] up!! Now it's all a mess with release dates, delays and things like that.

gaffyh3489d ago

Wait a minute... I thought Square weren't picking sides in the console war. This obviously shows they were lying yet again.

The Killer3489d ago

here is a source for u to check which says its 74% down, but the updated data shows 63%!!


yup, they r ruining the industry like they did with OS! why cant MS compete with their new IP's?? why all they do is just steal franchises from sony? is that what their aim is? i think their target is to get all ps2 install base to 360 which is a dream that will never come true if they r using same policies they use up until now!

u see ps1 and ps2 didnt try to target nintendo install base or sega!! they tried to bring something new to the industry and thats where they succeeded and that where MS failed!! if i want to buy the 360 i wanna buy it for playing games that i cant find it in ps3, not to just play 1 or 2 good exclusives in 1 years and the rest is all on ps3!! they just want to destroy sony gaming division! thats their plan! not to bring more people to the industry or compete with their own IP's!! all i hear every month is ps3 exclusive is no more and going to 360 and will take 1 more year to come! while ps3 every month i hear new IP!

besides how can a console with 33% failure rate be the king or on top?

CloudsEnd3489d ago

33% Failure Rate?

B-B-Bu-Butt th-th-the J-J-Jasper!!!



cloud 2793489d ago

If FF XIII & Versus don't do very well then, SE will announce a remake for FF7 for PS3 & X360 (LOL)

Death3489d ago

Thats a blog called Chart Get and it reflects Japan only. Do you honestly trust a blog over Square/Enix? They publish their financials. According to Square/Enix, they are 57% over in sales from what they were during the same time last year.

"Square Enix management today discussed its financial results for the first half of the fiscal year 2008/2009 ending on March 31st, 2009. During the six months from April 1st through September 30th, the company posted a net profit of 6.05 billion yen ($61.74 million USD) on sales of 67.97 billion yen ($693.58 million USD). The former figure represents a decline by 4.9%, while the latter amounts to a 57% increase compared to the same period of the previous fiscal year."

Square/Enix says they are up 57%. Someone posting to their blog from their mom's basement says Square is down 70%. Fanboys across the globe embrace the mis-information while the rest of us living in a little place I like to call reality go by what Square/Enix says.

Any of this help?


Just passing by3488d ago

Checks from Microsoft are increasing in the Far East? ITS BUSINESS! GET IT? BUSSINES! What about Square in PS1-PS2? Same Sh!+.

Kleptic3488d ago

the only thing SE could do to help the 360 in japan is release FFXIII in that territory...which they already confirmed they will not do....

Kingdom hearts 3 in japan would help too...but that one is still way up in the air...

there is little doubt that MS is pushing big time for stuff like this, as they have no chance of doing it on their own...but SE is in the middle of a PR someone mentioned above...claiming to equally support all platforms, yet not one PS3 release so far...and only one confirmed ps3 exclusive I believe (versus, right?)...

I don't really care about third party exclusives only one this generation really proved to be everything I hoped for (MGS4), where as other once exclusive turn multiplat games were letdowns (GTAIV) I don't care what SE does in these regards...

but seriously...everything SE has released since FFXII has been a disaster compared to the pedigree name SE represented...they were not a company that made average titles...they also weren't a company that made a lot of they are...they make crap UE3 based junk for the 360...claim to want to help the 360 in Japan...yet all the while not really talk about anything relevant...

maybe if they start showing FFXIII or something...and why its going to be so great...i'll shut up...but SE quickly followed into Capcom's nightmare of making headlines because of pay-offs...not because of great content...I don't give a rats ass if MS is paying them, and getting the content also...just release good content, regardless of platforms...right now MS is stealing shat, but its stuff nobody should care about anyway...I never though I would see so much garbage come from SE in the span of a year or so...and I am saying 'garbage' the games are decent on their own...but compared to their 'real' games, they are little more than a joke...

TUFFnNYC3488d ago

And here comes song...."Money, Money, Money........Money!"

TUFFnNYC3488d ago (Edited 3488d ago )

And here comes the song...."Money, Money, Money........Money!"

Edit: Sorry for the double post. Computer is acting up

AAACE53488d ago

Ps3 fanboys are stupid!

You keep saying that SE have only made crap games for a while, and look to be on a downward spiral... But then you come back and say FFXIII won't be that great, and FFXIII versus will be the greatest game from them!

Do you not realize how ignorant that sounds? If you think they are making crap games now... what makes you think anything will change when Versus comes out?

You can hate me, take my bubbles, hit me with disagrees or whatever... but you guys are seriously stupid!!! A.K.A. STFU! :?

likedamaster3488d ago

Wow, you Sony fanboys seem to be enjoying being the first to post on a 360 thread, in the gamer zone. Good job. /sarcasm

Square Enix knows that 360 support is needed to make money, period.

PS3 FTW3488d ago

All the PS FF games were AMAZING and ever since Square Enix has been with M$ all their games suck! I really hope FF XII doesn't get ruined now :'(

FF7numba13488d ago

Square's new ip for 360 suck they need to come back to base or they actually need to take their time and really go multiplat. The dumbass rush rpgs for 360 thinking oh its easy to dev for, and put out crap. Square needs to take their time with their new ips.

As long as sqaure keeps dissing their largest console based fanbase(playstation) they will fail with their new ips. Both ff13's should be good but new ip will most likely suck.

kopicha3488d ago

as usual why are you always talking crap and make assumptions? yes some ppl from mistwalker are former from SE but that doesnt mean they make good games. let me just give you a real situation example. blizzard are known for their good games in the past like Warcraft series, Diablo series and StarCraft series. some staffs which are former part of the developers and designers left blizz and started their own company call FlagShip studio. their first game HellGate was hype so much before its release as they are from the group of original creator of Diablo series. but what happen when the game came out? its a crappy game after all with loads of bug and pretty crappy game system n etcs. and what happen at the end of the day for FlagShip studio? it no longer exist. this is just an example proven that it doesnt mean employees from a well known company means they can make good games by themselve by setting up their own firm. you make it sound that you are really retarded as to believe the success of one game comes particularly from one person. thats plain stupid just like itageki who thinks he is the god and make the greatest game of all time. come on a successful game come from a big group of ppl involve in the project to make it happen not just 1 hero. more over in regards to LO, hype more... its known to be a crappy game. being listed as top 10 worst game of all time for a couple of times. please start learning to talk with sense and dont keep assuming the world evolves around you.

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Darkseider3489d ago

As can be seen by the incredible take up of Infinite Undiscovery and The Last Remnant AND the overall 74% drop in sales! Nothing quite like watching your sales slump due to shovelware to solidify this statement. These guys have become a joke as of late. I don't care that they release on multiple consoles but at least release something GOOD. FFS they have been batting ZERO so far on the HD consoles with 2 flops for the 360 and nothing even released yet on the PS3. You would think that would be a bit of a hint? IMO Square/Enix has hit bottom and are looking to push out as many titles as they can to make some money and stay afloat. Sony bailed them out once but I don't see it happening again and with MS basically culling their first and second party studios I don't see a relief effort coming from Uncle Billy either. Square/Enix... shape up or close up.

InMyOpinion3489d ago

Maybe they've watched Disgaea and Valkyria Chronicles sales numbers and come to the conclusion that developing for the 360 is much more profitable.

Aclay3489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )

@ Jenzo,

Developing JRPG's on the PS3 is more profitable than developing them on the 360. JRPG's almost always sell the most in Japan anyways, and there are more people with PS3's in Japan (more than double )that are willing to buy JRPG's than 360 owners in Japan.

I think that SquareEnix is thinking that just because the 360 has a larger installbase, that it automatically equals more profit, but so far that hasn't been the case. They are trying to expand to a Western audience, but the vast majority of Western Xbox 360 owners don't want JRPG's and there is barely enough people in Japan with 360's to support the JRPG's that SquareEnix releases.

If Metal Gear Solid 4 (a non-JRPG) sold around 650,000+ units in Japan alone, I think that a SquareEnix JRPG like The Last Remnant could surpass MGS4's sales in Japan or come close.

After SquareEnix sees the sales for White Knight Chronicles in Japan for the PS3, they'll finally wake up and see all the money they've been missing out on.

Death3489d ago

You can read my above post. Here is a link discussing Square/Enix first half financial statement for fiscal year 2008.

As you can see, sales were up 57% not down like you claim. I've seen Chart Get's mis-information based on calender releases. Unfortunately it has nothing to do with Square/Enix actual business statistics.

Before anyone get's too excited, Square/Enix big money maker is actually the DS.


Kleptic3488d ago (Edited 3488d ago )

jenzo...the real marketing behind this goes a whole lot deeper than just that...

360 buying habits are whats really up for 360 owners DO tend to buy A LOT of mediocre stuff...sales for annual crap sequels are through the roof (need for speed: you still care?, etc.)...

while PS3 owners don't buy enough of even high quality stuff...thats the big issue...SE knows they can send a steaming pile over to the US, and 360 owners will eat it up...

that may be an unfair stereotype the real hope for SE is that people will buy a 360 also for their games...but more than anything, the 360 is a platform with near guaranteed sales potential for software, regardless of quality...

its also that this generation is completely starved of quality jrpg content...making market penetration in any territory much easier...LR needed without question another 6 months to become even a decent title...but the fact that there really is no other competition right now makes it more lucrative to just push it out the 360 owners would buy it anyway for the most why delay it to make it better?...when they can just 'microsoft' it onto store shelves and laugh themselves to sleep?

you guys come on here and brag about your buying habbits...and how the 360 is the best for selling games...yet, look what its doing...SE hasn't produced such crappy software for the past 20 years...yet...its still selling perfectly fine...and considering development costs on the 360 are dirt cheap (especially considering they used the tire old UE3 for LR), they probably broke even in the first 24 hours...

this fact alone paints a dim picture for FFXIII...its very likely that the title will suffer overall because of multiplatform development costs...and because they know it will sell on name alone...ESPECIALLY to the 360 crowd, who would buy it if the box had only a packet of grass seed inside...and no game...

seriously...LR should have been cut to $30 in the first week because of extreme one should have purchased it...yet, at some retailers, its sold is that a good thing for anyone other than SE's bank account?...

likedamaster3488d ago (Edited 3488d ago )


It's amazing how you can make a point, provoke and drive the fanboys to jealousy with barely two lines... bubbles

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Lucreto3489d ago

"360 exclusive RPGs such as Infinite Undiscovery and Star Ocean: The Last Hope (and, for a limited time, The Last Remnant) have given the machine a huge boost in Japan – so much so that it recently managed to outsell PS3 in the territory for six weeks flat."

They forgot to mention that the PS3 reoovered all the gains in just one week.

Hashimoto stated: “We expect the Xbox 360 to increase its Japanese market presence even more in the coming months. There is a growing interest in Xbox 360 among Japanese users, due to the release of familiar titles, the increasing appeal of overseas titles, and the excellent reputation of the Xbox 360's network services.”

Not surprised because SE didn't release anything on the PS3 yet.

Kleptic3488d ago

it really is nuts how Sony is trying to counter all this with internal software...WKC is the main jRPG coming this year for Japan, and its first party from Sony...

not sure it will work, as a lot of PS3's are sold in Japan not based on available content, but future content...yet one of Sony's biggest 3rd party developers is gone fishing...with no note saying when they'll be back...we'll see how it works...

the point is though...this entire article is FFXIII is really the only game anyone cares about coming from SE...and its not coming to the 360 in what exactly is SE and MS going to say when the PS3 can't be found in any store for over a month in 2009?...and if you think i'm kidding, google what happens to that place everytime a FF game is released...

colonel1793488d ago

the worst part of this story is that this is coming from the Kingdom Hearts 2 Producer, this could mean Kingodm Hearts 3 going multiplatform, and if that is the case, I'll be sorry for that amazing series being gone!

I am not trying to be a fanboy, but the reality is that if KH3 is ps3 exclusive it would have the potential of being bigger, greater, maybe not, but I definitely wouldn't like to see it on xbox. What I hate about this generation is the lack of exclusives. For me that is the most important thing in a console, there are franchises that belong to one system and some to others. For instance, it wouldn't be right to see Zelda on a PS or xbox, would be amazing, but wouldn't feel right, and I know that it is a first party, but with third parties should be the same. If Square created a franchise for a platform it should stick to it. If they want to make another franchise on another platform go ahead, but if you did number 1 in PS, then number 2, 3, 4, n should be on the same.

I, personally don't care about Final Fantasy since I have naver played one (I know what it means to fans of the series though, and I understand) but Kingdom Hearts can't go to xbox! It just can't!

TheColbertinator3489d ago


I guess this guy doesn't realize his people are all xenophobic/racist

rucky3489d ago

“We would not make decisions regarding hardware based solely on the Japanese user base,” he added. “Star Ocean 4, Last Remnant and Infinite Undiscovery were developed with the global market in mind, so by releasing them on the Xbox 360, which enjoys a high market share in the United States and Europe, we are hoping to gain more recognition from this large user base.”

C'mon who did you think your fans were before? Millions of users know you guys already as THE (now former) RPG kings, what more recognition do you you guys need?

Dlacy13g3489d ago

MS snuggling up to Square and getting them on board with the 360 is going to pay good dividends for the 360 in the long run. Prior to this partnership Japan never really had a choice in their consoles. I mean lets be honest, the PS2/PS3 got all the love from Square and so if you wanted any of their big RPG's you had to go to Sony for them. Now Japan is getting a choice...and the more things stay like this with both machines getting Squares games as well as other Japanese publishers then the more Japan will feel like there actually is a decision to be made. And price point in this down global economy is becoming a bigger and bigger issue.

Shmapanese3489d ago

ps3 has never gotten love from sqeenix yet dude,yeah ps2 and psp thats forsho but not ps3.. oh and of course 3fixme but on topic of this article,they have failed to deliver great or even decent RPG's to the 360 and yet still talk about doing 360 justice.. hahahaaaa yeah ok,sure square,74% down allready (huge margin) and wut 360 did in 6 weeks,ps3 did in 1,and WITHOUT RPG's.
sqeenix can keep their RPG's since almost all of them have ben critical disasters and we dont need tho's disasters on the ps3-weve got Level 5 to hand us the RPG masterpeices.
this is 360's 3 year into the gamin industry world wide and has done slim to non on the east side (japan) and yet they still claim they will widein the 360 fanbase over their.. this is the worst time to be trying to do that crap cuz next year is gunna kill 360,EVEN FF13 will pown the fanase of the 360 since most are gunna purchase it on the ps3 (the reason why their at there status is becouse of sony and its fans).sega and Level 5 are puttin their name out there for sqeeniz to hear that they can kick some RPG @ss too and will revive the sony RPG fans. :)

Dlacy13g3489d ago

I will concede the PS3 really hasn't had much square love since its launch.

I will however take exception to your comment of "they have failed to deliver great or even decent RPG's to the 360 and yet still talk about doing 360 justice". First off, decent to the west vs decent to Japan is vastly different. Famitsu ranks games very differently than the western press...and Japan listens to famitsu far more than they do western press. I believe most of the square RPG's have done decent to great in the eyes of Famitsu. Regardless of whether you think those RPG's are good, Japan seems to think they are at minimum decent. And when you look at the back catalog of JRPG's on the 360 vs the PS3 (and upcoming JRPG's) you begin to see why Japan may see the 360 as a viable option.

Yes in one week the PS3 more or less made back the ground lost in those 6 weeks of higher 360 sales but the fact that for 6 weeks the 360 was on equal or greater ground than the PS3 is a good sign for MS in Japan.

And saying that the PS3 will sell more FF13 than the 360 in Japan is like saying the 360 will sell more COD5 in North America than the PS3. Ofcourse it will based soley on the fact that the PS3 has a much larger fanbase than the 360 in Japan. Its just common sense that those numbers would fall that way. What will be interesting to see is which console see's more hardware sales during the release of FF13.

And don't discount the upcoming Star Ocean looks incredible and its going to do great numbers on the 360.

Anyway, back on point. MS getting Square in their camp is a VERY good thing for MS in the Japanese market. enough said.

Pennywise3489d ago

PS3 hasnt got MUCH love?? It hasnt gotten ANY love.

Say FF - Where is it? When is it due?? Until then, no love.

jspc19893489d ago

i admit im looking 4ward to playing WKC, but would you care to explain to me how exactly u know its going to be a masterpiece?? Unless u have gone forward in time and completed it already then that, as of this second, is a false claim.

airheadluffy3489d ago

of course the ps3 will sell more ff13 than 360 in japan since its a ps3 exclusive in japan.

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