Atari to step up its game in 2009

All the news from Atari's winter press conference...

Ghostbusters, Ready to Rumble Revolution, Demigod, Mizuguchi and more

Atari steps up its game in 2009, with a slew of new announcements this week

Atari means business next year, with major blockbuster gaming titles such as Ghostbusters due and a number of new AAA-games announced at a London event this week.

The hope is that with the recently instated Phil Harrison at the helm, the much-loved gaming brand that has been dogged with financial problems in recent years can finally start to publish some major games and move back to the forefront of gaming.

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KingDizzi3492d ago

Phil Harrison is like a magician, a lanky walking tree magician.

bomboclaat_gamer3492d ago (Edited 3492d ago )

the best thing i played from atari was farrenheit for the xbox 1

all the rest are crap, and will be crap also

Arsenal4Ever3492d ago

Let's hope a announcement for DBZ BL 2 is coming up. Remember DBZ BL annoucement last year? It was in December too.

Denocao3492d ago

Like a good friend of mine would say... "There will only be Chaos." ;)

Radiodread3492d ago

in this console generation. Not at all. And a DBZ game? yuck what a waste of time.

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