Interview: Story of Mega Man 9 Arrange Soundtrack

ollowing the release of Capcom's retro-styled, digital download exclusive franchise update Mega Man 9, the Inti Creates sound team developed an arranged music album composed of remixed songs from the NES-style platformer.

Produced by Ippo Yamada, who gave a Siliconera interview last month on the subject of the original soundtrack, the new album includes the participation of composers from Capcom's 8-bit era and other musical guests.

Yamada was joined in his work by Inti Creates composer Ryo Kawakami and guest arranger Akari Kaida, whose songs can be heard on the Breath of Fire III and Luminous Arc soundtracks, among others.

Yamada, Kawakami and Kaida here discuss their work on the Mega Man 9 arrange soundtrack to provide a fascinating look at how videogame composers consider the context of their music and the process of adapting in-game tunes to other genres, including classical, hard rock, fusion and jazz.

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