Best of 2008: Top 5 Wii Games

Wired: "Wii has had what you might call a dubious year.

Nintendo's little console that could is shattering sales records left and right, and might just move more units in 2008 than any game system in history. Casual hits Wii Play, Mario Kart, and Wii Fit continue to captivate new players. But meanwhile, Nintendo's loyal fans, the ones who stuck with the company through the lean years, are feeling a bit like when you go to high school and your former best geeky friend is suddenly all hot and popular and doesn't talk to you anymore."

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Mr PS33488d ago

You see the problem with the Headline ?

The wii is just like the Xbox
It aint got 1 Good Game Never mind 5

BLUR1113487d ago

lol the wii rapes the ps3 and you know it Mr 3rd

LokMessier3488d ago

I don't brawl has ever moved from that number 1 spot, but it seems Mario Kart Wii is missing. If I recall one site gave it at least a 2 or 3 and now it seems to have lost that status. Though brawl appears to have stayed and held the place. I guess this and other reasons gives Nintendo their justification as to why they won't lower the price on brawl :p.

1. Selling like hotcakes.
2. Probably the most 'moved' software.


mastiffchild3488d ago

If they'd made more Wii Fit and balance boards I reckon it would have outsold every other title bar Brawl by two to one in the UK(and would still have outsold Brawl by some margin).You still can't get one without either a huge wait, buying a daft bundle or paying through your nose on Ebay. Next year will be better for 3rd party games in any case with Madworld, Fatal Frame 4, The Conduit, NMH2, Cursed Mountain and Deadly Creatures (among others)all lined up. Ninty will also have at least S&P2 and Punchout for us as well. Just hope the series of rehashed GC "Classics" they're making are cheap enough not to be a massive rip-off AND include the first two MP games in one case/disc with online multuplayer included(a la Hunmters on DS). Oh, and Pikmin3.

kesvalk3487d ago

forgot MH3 and rune factory... and FFCC echoes...

kesvalk3487d ago

"Casual hits Wii Play, [Mario Kart], and Wii Fit continue to captivate new players"

they need to decide if mario kart is casual or not...

LokMessier3487d ago

I just considered it both. Depending on one's stance it appears to be a blend of both at least to my eyes. An example of how this is possible is just to look at the bikes and think of yourself as being in the kart. -.-' Now just put this match online and it pretty much becomes a bit 'non-casual' as well as casual depending on who is in the game and what not.

Foxgod3487d ago

wow, i only played 1 out of those 5 on my wii, SSB, and it wasnt as fun as mario galaxy, metroid, zelda or mario kart.

Weird top 5, seems like a casual top 5.

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The story is too old to be commented.