NextGen Player Reader Review: Fallout 3

Guest Review by Josh McPherson

Many moons ago a friend introduced me to the world of Fallout and the "Vault Dweller". Instantly I fell in love with the game. Then Fallout 2 came out and I loved it even more… Fallout Tactics arrived on shelves in 2001 and after some good reviews I ran to the store to get it only to be completely disappointed. 2004 Brotherhood of Steel was released. I rented it not knowing what to expect. I took it hope prepared for the worst and hoping for the best only to turn around and take it back the same afternoon.

I began to think that this series would never actually see a proper and deserving sequel. Bethesda Softworks announced they would be taking over the license from the now defunct Interplay and I my interest was piqued knowing that they had a rich and successful background with the Elder Scrolls series on the PC. I hoped that they could restore the series to its former glory but wasn't sure if they'd be able to resurrect it after the stream of crap that followed Fallout 2.

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