Can Blockbuster on PS3 compete with Netflix on Xbox 360?


"There is a rumor doing the rounds on the Web indicating that Blockbuster may be making its service available on the PS3 in the same way Microsoft partnered up with Netflix on the Xbox 360. If Sony does indeed partner up with Blockbuster, the service may give Netflix on the Xbox 360 a run for its money.

Alas, I have my doubts that Sony will end up partnering with Blockbuster on the PS3. Sony has invested quite a bit into the video section of the PSN store and parenting up with Blockbuster will only provide fierce competition to itself. Sony has been aggressively adding movies to the PSN video store by signing on studios one by one as well as offering its internal library.

However, partnering up with Blockbuster would be a brilliant marketing move on Sony's part, but considering how misguided I feel Sony's marketing team is, I have doubts that they have the insight to see the benefits. "

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Mr_Bun3432d ago (Edited 3432d ago )

It should destroy it...the US is the only place to watch Netflix...extend Blockbuster and the rest of the movie service beyond the US region please

die_fiend3432d ago

Well don't assume. Oh and in regard to the title, no

Darkseider3432d ago

LOL, no? Well seeing that as of right now you still need a PC to queue up your Netflix account to be able to view it on the 360 is a failure. That and the fact that you must also view it through a HDMI equipped XBox, which most folks DON'T have, and through a HDCP capable device, aka HDTV means Netflix is nothing more than a novelty atm. Whereas on a PS3 you can purchase and view the movie right from the console. IF (BIG IF) Sony were to partner up with Blockbuster AND go to a subscription based service as well it would be just plain awesome. In any case the Sony Video store on PSN is pretty impressive already so it can only get better.

Score3432d ago (Edited 3432d ago )

"Well don't assume"

Spoken like an owner of a specific console who can't "assume" that it will work the next time they turn it on.

Edit: @ Dark

Unfortunately I don't have access to the Movies on the PSN since I am outside of the least for now...hopefully it becomes available to Canada and the Europe soon.

die_fiend3432d ago

I've assumed for the last 3 years that when I turn my console on that it will work, and it's been the correct assumption. But thanks anyway. U do realised that RROD is about a third of consoles, so chances are most the people you say it 2 will think ur as dumb as I know you are

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Kholinar3432d ago (Edited 3432d ago )

You know what would really let them compete?

Give us both. Let the consumer decide which service they'd like to use with their console.

Better yet, open up the API for dashboard apps like this and turn the ps3 into something far more versatile than it currently dreams of being... (would allow non-US services to develop services)

I hate Blockbuster with a passion. Their CEO's an idiot who only blatantly states that he can't understand anyone who watches anything besides new "blockbuster" titles. Sure, there are some people who feel that way, but the internet lets people pursue their interests into the obscure... Netflix understands this and has a tremendous selection of every type of foriegn and indie films. Moreover, Netflix's customer service is outstanding and U.S. based. It'd make me sick to see the ps3 tied to a sinking ship.

user94220773432d ago

When will UK get the movie store for the ps3?

Mr PS33432d ago (Edited 3432d ago )

And you Call the PS3 a Movie Player !!
Thy Silly Little Bots

The difference is BoTs all them movies on Netfux are Crap
On the Ps3 all the Movies are BlockBusters !! Get it !! (well except Brokeback Mountin)