Game journalist served a big slice of humble pie

A national newspaper game reporter embarrasses himself in front of his editor while playing a PC game and is ordered to blog about it. From the story:

"As I delved into my computer's security settings, shutting down firewalls and wondering whether there was some secret port I'd have to open, he surfed the game's troubleshooting forums, and eventually found a problem that matched ours to a tee. The solution? Download the latest patch.

He kept on reading. Of course he had already downloaded the patch, and it didn't occur to him that his star game reporter might have been so dull-witted as to have not thought to have done the same.

I interrupted him to admit, rather meekly, that I hadn't installed any patches. There was a brief moment of silence. Then there was much laughing and an insult too profane to publish here. A comparison was made to the sort of technology users that force help desks to inquire whether a piece of hardware is actually plugged in. Then came a directive to blog the next morning about the night's events. With humility. Which I dutifully have.

However, I do have a defence..."

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