Siliconera: Hands On Nintendo's Fortune Telling Channel

Siliconera: "Japanese Wii owners may have noticed their console glowing with a blue light. Nintendo sent a message announcing the Kyou to Ashita no Uranai Lucky Channel which translates into Today And Tomorrow's Lucky Fortune Telling Channel. The 82 block download lets users view fortunes for up to six Miis. When you pick a Mii you need to set a birthday for it to get your fortune. The Fortune Telling Channel automatically uses birth dates you set when you were making your Mii, but you still have to enter a year to use the channel.

When you turn the channel on it assigns a number for all six Miis so you can see which one has the best luck. If you click on a Mii you get a detailed look at your fortune just like the picture with the Moogle Mii. There are five rankings: love, work, school, communication, and money. Each one has a maximum of five points. As you can see above the Moogle Mii is out of luck for love. Poor moogle! Maybe his luck will change if he wears a lucky color? If you hold A+B the moogle makes a wish and changes his clothes into his daily lucky color. The program only lets you view fortunes for today and tomorrow so you can't gaze far into the future to see when you're going to have the best luck."

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