PSi: Rock Revolution Review

PSi writes: "In a music game, music comes first. For this reason, it's a bit surprising that all of the music in Rock Revolution is performed by cover bands. It's also a bit hard to fathom that vocals aren't supported. What you do get is a collection of rock songs that haven't yet shown up in the other games, for the most part. Songs that haven't appeared in other "band" games yet include: All My Life, Heading Out To The Highway, Am I Evil?, Diary of Jane, Given Up, Stone Cold Crazy, Youth Gone Wild, The Spirit of Radio, Kiss Me Deadly, No One Like You, Holy Wars... The Punishment Due, Last Resort, Pain, Somebody Told Me, Paralyzer, Sk8er Boi, Still of the Night, The End of Heartache, We're Not Gonna Take It, White Room, Falling Away From Me and Walk. These twenty-two songs haven't been on a band-genre game before, although All My Life was on an earlier Guitar Hero (guitars only) game and, quite frankly, some of these covers are so bad that, if you're a fan of one of these songs, you may wish it hadn't been included in Rock Revolution. A prime example of this is Paralyzer, which is a perfect song for a band genre game, especially for singing... but, wait... Rock Revolution doesn't support vocals. Ah, well. Hopefully, having a cover of a song included in Rock Revolution won't preclude that song from being made available as a download for one of the other games."

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