Edge: Michael Phelps: Gaming's Next Big Thing?

Edge writes: "Is there hope that a game based on Phelps could be anything more than a soulless cash cow?

It recently came to light in a 60 Minutes biography of Olympic gold medallist Michael Phelps that a videogame based on the swimmer and, presumably, his sporting achievements.

The modern world has a history of throwing Olympic heroes in at the deep end, drowning them in an ocean of contracts for product endorsements and special appearances. It seems only logical that the Michael Phelps brand should be extended into videogames so the guy can have a title or two to his name. After all, he has already joined the long line of celebrities recreating the air-guitar scene from 'Risky Business' for 'Guitar Hero' and been publicly plied with a promotional copy of 'Call of Duty: World at War'."

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LokMessier3241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

I would respect Michael even more if he didn't go that route, granted he's good at swimming and granted I would love to shake his hand; he did just a marvelous job at the Olympics, but what they are trying to do now is [at least what it appears to me as].

They are simply trying to plaster his image all over the place, it feels sort of like he's becoming a bit like the male equivalent of Oprah; and I don't want to see that happen to a talented person like him. Now if they made sort of like an olympic game (not just based around Michael and swimming then by all means go for it! - While their at it make it online just as well!)

But before they do that please have blue prints as to what you want to do, figure out what to put in and what to cut. You know the standard stuff, to many games are coming out that could be good are nothing more than a bit of advertising for that individual all together.