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About writes: "Cute and deep? Little Big Planet will suck you in with its amazing visual style and fun game play. Not since Sonic the Hedgehog has a console game been so immediately "fun" to play. Don't let the cute exterior fool you, Sackboy is interested in a lot more than simple platforming, he is the quiet leader of a gaming revolution. If you think playing Little Big Planet is fun (and you will) wait until you try downloading user created levels and then creating your own. Little Big Planet really lives up to it's name, making the complicated world of modding accessible."


* As a stand alone game it's a five star experience, but that's only scratching the surface of LBP
* Four player physics based platformer? Grab some buddies for an incredible gaming experience.
* Sackboy and his friends are adorable, even moreso when you dress them up
* Full featured tool set allows your imagination to go wild as you build new levels
* Building and sharing content finally brings modding to the masses


* The campaign in Little Big Planet may seem short, but remember there's unlimited free levels online
* The three levels of depth may confuse non-gamers in the beginning

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