Square Go Review - Siren: Blood Curse

Square-Go: "Siren: Blood Curse is a third person survival horror game which made its first appearance on the Playstation Network. It's now released on disc to pick up those with no internet access. The game itself is an Americanised remake of a Playstation 2 title (Siren) and if that raises concerns then read on. Unfortunately although tension is often well measured there are points where controls, speed, image and characters cause sheer frustration and so it would be best to "step away from the console" in order to calm down and appreciate the game. More Siren: Blood Cursing than Blood Curse."

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ToastyMcNibbles3518d ago

siren of the best PSN games i played this year beside ratchet and clank quest for booty and wipeout hd...Sony bring more siren to PSN!

dj_funky3518d ago

and bette yet.. bring it on bluray format for U.S.!