Epic Rock Band DLC arrives; is Harmonix worried?

Games Are Evil: "I'm not one to get into hypothetical arguments, or assume things on a tangent, but this latest batch of DLC for Rock Band got me thinking. Take a look and see what I mean. There are a total of 9 new songs, each of which could possibly point to one conclusion: Does Harmonix actually feel threatened by the new waves of DLC Neversoft is releasing for Guitar Hero: World Tour?

The Killers-"Mr. Brightside"
The Killers-"Smile Like You Mean It"
The Killers-"Spaceman"

So, am I having a flashback, or did Harmonix actually go ahead and release a Killers' track pack at the same time as Neversoft? Heck, I guess I can understand having the same song ON DISK between two games, but when the same song (Mr. Brightside) appears as DLC at the exact same time on both games? now that's interesting. It sort of looks like they are trying to 1-up Neversoft, or as the song goes, "anything you can do, I can do better." Not to be taken the wrong way of course; I honestly feel that Harmonix are the masters of DLC right now."

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Bloodshedder3512d ago

Yngwie The FCk Malmsteen!

LokMessier3512d ago

I hope harmonix will get some Masterplan in the game.

I'd really like to play the Guitar to "Sail on" :)

For all those who haven't heard the song: