Evil Avatar: Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe Review

Evil Avatar writes: "Big name characters from big name franchises never guarantee a hugely successful title. So how does this fighting game, which mixes two, fare against other knockouts?

MK vs. DC was announced only a few months ago and fans of either franchise had mixed reactions. On the one hand, people were happy to see a new Mortal Kombat game hit current generation consoles. On the other, surely Superman can just kick everybody's ass? With a neat story concept, high production values and tried and tested gameplay what we've ended up with is a great console fighter marred by it's split personality."

The Good

* DC fans will be pleased with the characters on offer and how they are handled.
* The fighting system remains simple and fun.
* Excellent story which is told well through great custscenes.

The Bad

* Mortal Kombat characters are treated to as much attention as they should have been.
* Lack of additional modes or customisation makes the total package a little small.
* New additions to fighting system fail to add anything to player strategies.

The Ugly

* That Joker fatality is really awesome. US players are missing out on the fun.

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