Videogamer: Left 4 Dead Video Review

Videogamer writes: "Star in the best horror movie you'll see all year."

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Harry1903425d ago

Dead Space is the best horror game this year.

cereal_killa3425d ago

I actually thought this game was stupid and basically a rip off of Dawn of the Dead but after playing the Demo I decided to rent it but I'm having problems saving my progress does anyone know how to save in this game.

solar3425d ago

there is no save in this game.....

TheIneffableBob3425d ago

It says 'horror movie' and you can't save in the game.

Perjoss3425d ago

"I actually thought this game was stupid and basically a rip off of Dawn of the Dead"

I thought the same thing at first, I even played the demo for a bit and didn't enjoy it all that much. But my cousin convinced me to buy it and I play with him in online coop, and wow, its quite amazing as a coop game, but I don't recommend it if you're planning to play it single player.

Bolts3425d ago

Is this some kind of joke or are you clueless? Its an online coop game, there isn't any save game, thats like asking for a save game feature in Counter Strike.

cereal_killa3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )


"Is this some kind of joke or are you clueless? Its an online coop game, there isn't any save game, thats like asking for a save game feature in Counter Strike."

Sorry if I asked a simple question but I don't play online, the only reason I rented this game was to try the single player, since it has single player I thought you could save your progress, I can undstand if this game was online only like Socom or Warhawk I wouldn't have asked.

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Serjikal_Strike3425d ago

If it looked like the cutsceens in the game, but it doesnt impress on the graphics end for me!

Craig David3425d ago

It does have less than Stella graphics but they are marginally better than Resistance 2's.

Serjikal_Strike3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

Trust me

Disagree? Not sony fans of course and because you want a decent FPS on your dusty white box!

Craig David3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

I don't trust you as I have both games and resistance 2 has the worst GFX this year, FACT.

Serjikal_Strike3425d ago

I dont think anybody would go that far as to say R2 has the worst graphics this year!


I got my opinion and you got yours...enjoy your last gen graphics game (L4D)

xenogamer3425d ago

yeah the outdated source engines going to put out better graphics than the inhouse engine insomniac made... thats the most annoying thing about this website reading stupid sh1t like that, and him actually thinking its true, like we give a sh1t that you have both games your obviously an idiot to think that, so your opinion is invalid.

Craig David3425d ago

NO, My opinion is very real and utterly factual, Resistance 2 is the biggest spawnfest, graphically lackluster disappointment since killzone one.

Your being told some epic facts.

Serjikal_Strike3425d ago


He cant talk anymore jibberish!

Perjoss3425d ago

There is a reason this game does not (at first) look as good as gears 2 or mgs4, the sheer amount of zombies on screen at once. And lets not even get started on the amazing death animations, best death animations (by FAR) in any game ever, even better than most action movies. Please don't get me wrong, I'm playing this on PC, I could not care less which console its going to appear on.

xenogamer3425d ago

well yeah your playing on a pc, but still i dont even like R2 all that much, IMO its a little less generic than 1, ver average game, but to say L4D has better graphics thats just annoying to read, and i guess your right about all the zombies on screen, but resistance has a sh1tload of enemies on screen, and ships in the air, that are reall jaw dropping, Its not like i am a fanboy and say R2 graphics are the end all be all, but to say L4D beats it out of the water like craig did, yeah...

Bolts3425d ago

Graphics in the PC version of L4D is a lot better than Resistance 2.

Thats a fact, based on the high res textures and AA alone. It also run at well over 75 FPS on my comp. I know its unfair to compare PC games vs console games but we weren't talking about fairness, we're talking about facts.

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xenogamer3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

and by that he means be part of a B movie that doesnt last very long, and is filled with repetative and pointless shooting.

Nikkelz3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

thats right folks,surviving!!

and this is all about surviving a zombie apocalypse
all the people who are complaining about mindless shooting and repetitive gameplay get that part thru they're heads.

what part of RAGE infected zombies dont you understand????

anyways,peace and game on

testerg353425d ago

Gotta love all you 360 haters.

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