The (Slightly More Than) Twelve Games of Christmas

Chris LaVigne writes:

"It was Christmas Eve and I'd just killed a man. And then another. And another. Next to my TV, a bauble hung from my family's Christmas tree. "Peace on Earth," the motto on it read. I glanced at it briefly before shooting another man in the face.

Videogames have always been a big part of the holidays for me. I inevitably and eagerly spent my time off from school or work by button-mashing. Until the last few years, though, I'd never really considered how incredibly inappropriate most videogames are for the holiday season. As my parents listened to carolers singing about goodwill to all humankind, I'd be jump-kicking as many humans as possible. Christmas cards on our mantle wished us joy and happiness. I spent hours wishing people would die, then killing them."

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