Sony Unable to Confirm Gran Turismo 5 Release Date

Last week Sony's chief executive in southern Europe, James Armstrong was reported to have revealed to Spanish newspaper El Financiero that Gran Turismo 5 will be released at Christmas 2009. However, Sony Computer Entertainment UK was unable to confirm the game's release when speaking to today.

"Polyphony are working on GT5, but we cannot confirm a launch date at this point in time," said a Sony Computer Entertainment UK spokesperson.

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Cwalat3337d ago

lol agreed, the game is including more things that GT5P has:

weather system
more tracks
more cars
destruction system
deeper online integration

... no wonder they can't confirm release date yet, the guys are taking their time. and if i remember correctly.. that helped quite a bit last time.

Bnet3433337d ago

I'm not knocking on the Sixaxis/DS3 but I have Burnout Paradise and holy crap the "triggers" are god awful for racing games. do you guys actually like those triggers? I mean I can see why ppl move shooting to the R1 button now for shooters.

Aquanox3337d ago (Edited 3336d ago )

When Sony says

"At least close to completion by [Insert Date]"

It usually means quite some months later... which gives more strength to the 2010 release date of GT5.

Lets be honest guys, both PS an Xbox fans. Sony NEEDS GT5 and God of War 3 for 2009... Killzone 2 will not be enough and we all know it as well as we know that Microsoft won't be revealing its 2009 lineup anytime soon, so it's not as if it would be a walk in the park even WITH GT5 included.

I honestly don't understand what could be taking so long, by the time GT5 is released, Microsoft might have already released 2 iterations of Forza Motorsport, something similar to what has happened with Killzone 2 and the Gears of War franchise.

NO_PUDding3336d ago

The quotes ended ages ago, Sony didn't say that, and you aren't a twat; you knew that.

Stop fueling the fires.

09 seems liekly when Sony says no comment.

socomnick3336d ago

Lol Sony sigh, and people wonder why its called the delay station.

airheadluffy3336d ago (Edited 3336d ago )

no sony does not need GT5 and GOW3 for 2009. i need those games.

honestly, they have a strong line up as it is. well at least better than what the competition has announced so far. i know the competition will reveal a couple of titles, but sony still shouldnt worry about it. they have infamous, kz2, uncharted 2, wardevil for 2009. they will probably announce a couple more to add to that. a price drop will also help them sell alot more.

GT5 was never given an official release date. some games are considered delayed just because they were speculated to release on x date, but an official release wasnt announced yet.

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ravinshield3337d ago

WAIT BEYOND b1tchezzzzzzzzz

NO_PUDding3337d ago

I would prefer wait than play Forza 3.


Foxgod3337d ago

you know anything about forza 3 ? , for all you know forza 3 could be even more awesome then gT5.

i prever to play forza3 then to wait.

Aquanox3337d ago

"we certainly hope the full game will be at least CLOSE TO COMPLETION come Christmas 2009."

Ouch! :S

NO_PUDding3336d ago

I do know about abotu Forza and I know peopel liek to claim (atleast on NeoGAF) it's a simulator more than GT, but... Let's be honest.

I drive cars and it's not.

cmrbe3336d ago (Edited 3336d ago )

Those who prefer Froza are go kart drivers. Real professional drivers play GT.

@Foxgod : So because a game is played and loved by professional drivers is not accessible to the general mass?. Where did i say GT was catered for professional drivers and not general mass?. This is the beauty of GT. It allows the masses that would normally not able to afford the cars in GT to drive them and have an idea how they actually would feel like if they are driving one because even Professional drives that do drive them in real life have said countless times that GT is the best car driving sim they have come across.

Foxgod3336d ago

so you prediction is that gt5 wont sell much ?
afterall there arent as many professional drivers as their are gamers.

If i would develop a game that expensive, i would target it at the gamers instead.

PoSTedUP3336d ago

it will sell well over time, GT franchise is in the top 10 best selling game franchises of all time.

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AngryHippo3337d ago Spring 2010. I really really hope we see it before then, but its doubtful due to the fact that Polyphony are perfectionists when it comes to Gran Turismo.

elorm93337d ago

But IMO, it's best if they don't announce a date. It's better than announcing a date now, and delaying it when problems arise. I've had enough of that

Aquanox3336d ago

I agree, Polyphony are perfectionist with Gran Turismo 5. If it was for perfectionism alone, I believe the game should already be out there by early 2009. I think it's more related to the late addition of car damage which wasn't planned from scratch.

I remember Forza 2 producers saying they dind't have any idea that the paperwork behind car damage was so damn difficult to pull off, and it seems that Polyphony is also experiencing this particular situation.

militant073337d ago

im pretty excited for it
edit: for the game

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