Game Diary: How Not To Design Firmware

MTV Multiplayer: "Did I promise I'd share my thoughts on "Tomb Raider: Underworld" in today's diary? I did. Sorry. I'll get to that in a post later today.

This morning, I need to vent about a minor aggravation.

Why can't Nintendo and Sony learn from Microsoft? Why can't their firmware and channels and dashboard circuitry and upgrading rules and regulations be as elegant as the Xbox 360's?

Last night I wanted to play "Resistance 2." But my game needed a patch. I learned this by trying to load it from its disc. An alert appeared. I needed to give permission for the PS3 to download a patch to the game. Fair enough. But every patch for a PS3 game - I downloaded yet another one to "LittleBigPlanet" over the weekend - requires a wait that's long enough for me to get up and do something else. Like check the mail or wash a few dishes. Xbox 360 title upgrades, on the other hand, happen in an eye blink. I could hold my breath for them.

This is not ideal."

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Darkseider3489d ago

Sony and Nintendo give you the option of updating. MS forces whatever update it sees fit down your throat because "MS knows best". Now think for a minute if the update that automagically happens on your 360 bricks it because it doesn't prompt you or give you the option? Whereas on the PS3 I can remember when there was some problem with the 2.40 update, people held off and updated when 2.5x came out. I see it as a safety measure and a courtesy rather than an inconvenience.

outlawlife3489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )

you can decline system updates on 360 as well, you just cant play online

there is a reason for this, 360 updates close holes where people are modding the console and cheating or pirating

mandatory updates preserves the live community by reducing the ways that your experience can be hampered

if you honestly think that waiting to see if firmware bricks your system is a good way to go about it you need to reassess, the fact that you even consider waiting to see if the update kills your system is a sign that maybe they aren't doing something right

with any any update there will be some issues somewhere, some are the fault of the update, where others are just blamed on the update

problems with both 2.4 and nxe are way overblown by one camp or the other

but my main point is your "choice" argument is a cop out, you should always be able to trust the updates you get, if you can't then that is a problem

as for the article it is mostly right, updating on wii and ps3 is rather tedious compared to the xbox, the update delivery system that microsoft has in place just performs better

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Yipee Bog3488d ago

the article was such a rant. so theoretically, if my 360 didn't have a hard drive and an update came out, how big could the update possibly be? same goes for games, simply put the 360 is limited to short downloads to meet the entire gamer audience. not everyone has a 20 gig hd. some people have those over priced memory cards. the ps3 has the hdd, and in turn the potential for large 40 mb plus updates. doesn't matter to me, I have more time than money

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Johnny Rotten3489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )

another day, another sigh....

So how does everyone like the enhanced web browser that came with update V2.53?

PirateThom3489d ago

Fantastic, works really well now. A lot nicer.

StanSmith3489d ago

The browser works alot better now. Soon as i finished the update and tried it i was like wow.

There is definately an improvement in speed!

Yipee Bog3488d ago

I noticed that that I haven't froze for quite a while. I love the updates, compare the system to when it first came out, big difference

StanSmith3489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )

Is it just me or is this just a desperate attempt to have a dig at the ps3? I mean the person who wrote this article says that the update for the 360 is quick whereas the ps3 is slow. Erm...NO. I am from the uk, I own both consoles and i also have 8 meg broadband speeds. Now from my experiences this article is full of BS. When downloading an update over live it can take up to 10 mins whereas when i update my ps3 firmware its over in less than 5 mins. Also when downloading demos from live it takes over an hour whereas with my PS3 i can download the same demo in less then 20 mins. That alone makes this person look an idiot, but you know, can't really expect any different from MTV. Like i say this was a desperate attempt to bring the ps3 down after it has had a great year with its line up. Microsoft slacked off this year, but still produced some great games like Gears 2. It makes me wonder why sites like this act in a fanboyish way and can't just accept that all 3 consoles on the market are great! BE A GAMER NOT A FANBOY!!!!

*edit* to *arrgh* When updating the firmware on the 360 itself it takes upto 10 mins. The NXE took me at least 10 mins. However, when updating games on both 360 and ps3 its over in about 30 seconds. With demos the difference is big though. Mirrors edge demo took me over an hour to download over live whereas it only took 15 mins over psn.

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m0sand3489d ago

Then you have a good connection or them updates ain't big :D But it's good, updating shouldn't be a hassle

m0sand3488d ago

I would say that this kind of "articles" is a rather waste of time :) You can't really say one service is faster than others, or put it like that. Like it's a fact. The person might have a bad connection to the server(s), crappy broadband etc. Many factors might play into that. I hope! Because like many other people here, mine goes seamlessly through :)

I would be happy if Sony would make the game patching a little less mandatory as it seems today. If I recall correctly the only option when it detects a new patch is "Ok". Sometimes I just want to play.

And the Xbox 360 should have a better system for that, it's a Microsoft product. I believe they've been in the business for long although their Automatic Updates in Win XP annoys the hell of me, forcing a reboot without my consent.