Petroglyph and True Games announce Mytheon

Big Download: "They have been teasing us for months but today developer Petroglyph (developers of Star Wars: Empire at War and Universe at War: Earth Assault) and publisher True Games Interactive finally reveal the first details on their upcoming micro-transaction based MMO game. The game itself is called Mytheon and is being designed as a mix of action, strategy and RPG genres.

As the name suggests, Mytheon will be using the myths of ancient history as its basis with Petroglyph planning to bring in mythologies from around the world for content in the game. When the title first releases in the fall of 2009 it will concentrate on the Greek myth canon with expansions adding more myths from other cultures. The game will feature solo, group and PVP gameplay modes with what the press release calls "real-time combat and extensive customization features"

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