Yakuza 3 - First 11 Minutes of Gameplay writes "When your a AAA game like GTA IV or WoW you can get away with only giving the public a glimpse of your game in action before it's released. Everyone is already so hyped that you'll still sell like gangbusters. Games like Yakuza 3 aren't so fortunate. They're gonna have to show a little more skin to get us excited, and what you see above is the trailer equivalent of the full monty . Though the trailer isn't in English, you'll get a pretty good idea of what to expect from the game."

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Cwalat3486d ago

omfg indeed. but the title is wrong... this isn't gameplay. its cutscenes

HighDefinition3486d ago (Edited 3486d ago )

Yakuza 3 is a BEAUTIFUL game that doesn`t get mentioned much, but should. BTW, this isn`t the first 11 mins, it`s a extended trailer.

Pennywise3486d ago

Exclusive!!! Looking good Sega, dont mess it up!!!

When can the states expect this? Anyone know?

Skyreno3486d ago

could be released next year in December or November 2009

Shmapanese3486d ago

will have subtitles then i will import it day of release cuz that game is gunna pown,wen it hits the states sony better market the h3ll outta it.
i think sega is starting to relize the amount of great reputation their getting from making ps3 ONLY exclusive games.. Valkyria chronicles and now Yakuza (and i believe armored core for awnswers was exclusive in japan but dunno) anyways,it sold well in japan.

and as far as release date... well,armored core:4A release in japan on march of this year and the US release was i think september or august. so im guessing its gunna be about 5-6 months after untill we get Yakuza 3. :)

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