Megadeth: Bands who don't do games are "dinosaurs"

In a video blog entry on metal outfit Megadeth's official site, shaggy-haired frontman David Mustaine has described those who refuse to embrace new digital publishing methods as "old ****ing dinosaur bands."

Megadeth, naturally, considers itself pretty forward-thinking in this regard: its album Peace Sells...But Who's Buying? has been released as Rock Band DLC.

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Mr PS33515d ago

You Bitter Twisted Little Ginger Prick
How can anyone take what you got to say Serious !!!
Follow the leader's Again Dave
Never mind

!!!!!!!! MetallicA !!!!!!!

outlawlife3515d ago

you're an idiot, megadeth has been involved in games for a long time, the did the duke nukem theme years ago, appear on countless game soundtracks

they have always embraced the medium

and it is really easy to take what he says seriously considering he is responsible for huge amounts of metallica's first 4 albums

he may be a prick but his musical impact is nothing to ignore

cactuschef3515d ago

All I gotta say about this is Mustaine kicks ass, and no one will ever read your comments because you got one bubble.