2.53 available now for PC download.

This is at least the asian website. 2.53 features flash video viewing in full mode and other extra tweaks. Enjoy!

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riksweeney3517d ago

It's also available on the US website.

Sometimes it's quicker to download it this way, but I usually just stick it on to download on the PS3 while I'm eating or something.

Fishy Fingers3517d ago

I used to DL through the PC at work to save on hassle. But seeing you can tell the PS3 to auto shutdown now, I just start the DL of, then go do something else safe in the knowledge my PS3 will be updated and my electricity bill doesn't kick my ass.

Hey, anyone know if I can start the DL through remote play on the PSP? Id check myself but the PSP is in the car and it's raining ;)

SWORDF1SH3517d ago

i just tried to dl through remote play and you cant do it. system update doesnt show up on the options. get onto it sony