NWR: Monster Lab Review

Though an amicable attempt, Monster Lab is plagued by a number of issues. Monster creation falls flat, not feeling truly creative or interesting. Mini-games are excessive and as one would expect, entirely Wii Remote feature-based. Battling is unfulfilling as well because getting into a fight does nothing but net creation parts that are neither unique nor hard to come by. Had the game featured some RPG elements, grinding through battles would've been more tolerable; but instead, with no real reward and no true variation, battling is just another piece of the overall experience that falls short. Monster Lab is best left for rental; it exhibits some interesting traits, but overall will grow too repetitious for most to bear.

* Good art and sound direction
* Combat is fun at times

* Too many mini-games, too often
* Repetitive combat
* Occasionally poor mini-game control
* Graphically outdated

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