Tabula Rasa's Deployment 15 hits the Public Test Server

Massively: "For those players left to enjoy Tabula Rasa in its final months, NCsoft has remained diligent about keeping up with quality content. The most recent game update, Deployment 15, has now hit the Public Test Server and brings with it many features that players have been looking forward to for a while now.

In addition to the new FPS camera view, we're treated to a new instance map entitled "The Empire Sector". This special map is restricted to level 50 players who must also meet certain Logos requirements."

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Pennywise3485d ago

They are shutting down and releasing content... makes sense.

LokMessier3485d ago

They are more than likely releasing some of the things they would have released over the span of the games lifetime. Though due to the fact they are closing they are more than likely just pushing it now, to at least see their idea/work being played on/with before it goes up in smoke. Honestly not to bad thing to do if one cherishes their work and loves it they'd rather see it get some use out of it rather than none.

LokMessier3485d ago

Nice of them to do so, giving the players that last little bit of game-play before the game is pulled. Still quite sad, that they are shutting down the servers. Now I'm starting to think that perhaps NCsoft may be best suited in making games with story lines and having the feature of online or offline play. Perhaps something similar to the way Never Winter Nights is?