GamersInfo Review: Pure "Pure isn't an original, innovative game. Instead, it's a heady mix of two incredibly successful titles: the frantic, combative racing of PlayStation 3 launch title Motorstorm combined with the tricked-out acrobatics of PS2 franchise SSX. And, despite bringing very little of its own ideas to the party, it's absolutely brilliant.

Instead of snowboards, though, Pure revolves around ATV racing - similar to the quad-bikes in Motorstorm. Sixteen riders take part in each contest, which makes for incredibly packed and frenetic action, and they're all equipped with a reasonable amount of AI - no one really follows the racing line here; instead, riders scuffle, shove against each other and try to out-do each other in the trick department.

Races are split into several categories. Regular events last for three laps on longer, hugely imaginative tracks that have plenty of room, both for speedy racing types and trick fans. Sprint events, as the name suggests, emphasise speed: five laps of around 30 seconds, with perhaps one big jump to use for boosting."

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