NCsoft clarifies its rationale for closing Tabula Rasa

Massively writes: "Last week we spoke very briefly with NCsoft's Director of Public Relations David Swofford about the company's decision to close Tabula Rasa. He reiterated the basic statement we heard from several sources surrounding the call: this was all about the bottom line."

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LokMessier3518d ago

Hopefully some things can be learned from this. What they should do in the future, correcting what mistakes they can and fixing them for future gamers that may want to play under their titles and games.

I found them to be okay, as I first experimented with this company back in the days of first joining Guild Wars when it first came out. [Sure at least a few people have experimented with this game at one time or another] Either way their not bad, though their not the best they seem to have found that medium ground in which it can be fun yet it can also be quite..."meh" at times.

City of Heroes/Villians was about the same when I got that game for a birthday gift. Played it for about a month or two before I left it just as well. I have also tried Exteel to which I left after only trying it for a couple of days, to get to the point of what I am saying is that they are an "okay" company. Probably would be better if they teamed up with another [or merged rather with another] As they have a few interesting ideas, it just seems that these ideas are not brought out to fullest or at least what the developers would like to see.

Ridrick3518d ago

general British is finished

After this, I would highly recommend to Mr Richard Gariott to go back the roots and start as Lord British working on Ultima online 2