Video Games Examiner: 'Call of Duty: World at War'-Wii impressions

Video Games Examiner: "Even though the latest 'Call of Duty' has been out for more than three weeks now, there haven't been a lot of attention paid to the Wii version. Which is understandable because if you're developing a follow-up to one of the biggest FPS franchises, the Wii usually gets treated like a step-child. But, it's also unfair because the hardcore crowd that hasn't given up on the Wii is searching high and low for great hardcore games.

So far, my first five hours with the game have definitely satisfied my hardcore itch. The graphics aren't on the level of the PS3/360/PC versions but the visuals are awesome. And the controls are stellar-just point the remote at the screen and press the B button to shoot. And there aren't any hokey waggle motions to reload your guns.

The campaign is regrettably back in WWII, but so far, it's still feels like a great action movie, even though it can be hard to see where the enemies are on-screen."

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