UK All Format Charts Top 20 writes:

"In the week ending 29th Novemeber, Resistance 2 enters the top 10, but disappointingly only sells around two-thirds of the original game's first week."

After the link you'll find the top 20 all formats chart for the week ending November 29th November

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fakeplasticlung3489d ago

halo 3 wannabes never win. halo 3 sold millions in its first few days on sale and reached number one in japan never mind the uk and not to mention it has a 9.4 on metacritic wheras resistance 2 has a laughable 8.6 for a supposedly AAA exclusive. over a million people play halo 3 on xbox live every week, resistance 2 will struggle to sell a million so get outclassed sony. wannabes never win. i should give this game some credit though, it wasnt on sale in currys so it probably would have sold 2 or 3 more copies than what is listed here. one final smug note, gears 2 and fable 2 both debuted at number one in the uk and LOL @ littlebigflop.

somekindofmike3489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )

Why are people buying Need For Speed, I've not seen a single good review for that game! people need to seriously look past the name and spend just 5 minutes research a product before they buy.

As for R2 & LBP not selling as expected, I Don't really care, as it hasn't stopped me enjoying them :) I just feel sorry for the people who've missed out.
Not everyone rushes out and buys games the second they come out, I haven't got around to picking up R2 yet, might wait until the january sales. or if i'm lucky santa will bring it to me.

1233603489d ago

you will be lucky to find resistance in any stores at the moment,lots of people on psn have struggled to get a copy.zavvi just confirmed its suppliers have gone broke,asda,tesco,toys r us, argos, hmv etc have got none in there branches thats the feed back across the uk anyway.