Blend Games Review: Valkyria Chronicles

As our gaming systems get more and more powerful, the expectation of "better" graphics goes along with that. Ask 95% of gamers what "better" graphics are, and they'll say that "better" is the same as "realistic", and what they're really asking for is "more realistic" graphics. It's a shame, too, because realistic graphics aren't all that they're cracked up to be. These graphics that try to imitate real life will only look good until something else comes out that looks even more real, then it's hard to go back to the old style.

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riksweeney3515d ago

I was impressed with the demo. The game is trying to do something different with the strategy and shooter genres and it seems to work OK. Really should have picked this up instead of Bioshock, it just seems so lacklustre after playing Dead Space...

nos4speed3515d ago

so true, im really looking forward to this game, getting it for xmas :D

Dark_Overlord3515d ago

I've got this, ordered Bioshock yesterday and am debating whether to get Dead Space.

I played the Dead Space demo on the store and thought it was sh*t, however I thought the same about the uncharted demo but when I brought Uncharted I realised how misleading the demo was.

So is Dead Space really that good, or is it just like the demo?

Dark_Overlord3515d ago

Its made me forget of all the crap SEGA has recently been churning out, the Graphics are excellent, decent story and there is as much depth to the game as you want there to be, i.e you don't have to read or play the side stories to advance the game