Brazilian Console Gets Tekken, Street Fighter Alpha, And Resident Evil 4 ?

Tectoy, the company that brought licensed Sega games to Brazil, designed a console specifically for emerging markets. The Zeebo gives users access to a library of games that they can download for a fee, a plan Tectoy believes will thwart piracy problems. Tectoy has more companies than Sega signing up to have their games distributed via the Zeebo too. A product list on the Zeebo page shows Namco Bandai and Capcom supporting the Zeebo with a handful of titles. Tekken 2, Street Fighter Alpha, Sonic Adventure, and a mysterious version of Double Dragon are slated to come out on the console. Resident Evil 4 is sort of on the list too since you can see a link to a broken image in Tectoy's HTML code, but the linked image says Resident Evil 4 Wii Edition. What?

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