BBC iPlayer review; watch again? - PS3 Attitude

"The iPlayer is a free service open to those of us in the UK and Eire that allows us to watch BBC programmes online, either to catch up or - as the BBC is fond of saying - watch again.

Yesterday, the BBC launched their own official version of the BBC iPlayer for the PS3. So how does it compare with the sterling work of the person that created the unofficial version, and does it work well enough that you would actually use it?" - excerpt from PS3 Attitude

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Brodiesan3487d ago

I signed up for the service to check it out and I'm STILL waiting for the BBC to send me my confirmation email.

PirateThom3487d ago

You need to sign up?

I was signed up previously, but I thought they did away with the log ins for streaming.

Try going to and it should let you watch right away.

Lucreto3487d ago

It doesn't work in Ireland even though it says it in the article.

dabizo3487d ago

Last time I heard Ireland still didnt pay for a British TV license so that rules out free services from the BBC....
BBC services are only free for British residents.

Shame BBc should have a pay per view service too so everyone could enjoy.

Lucreto3487d ago

But we still get the channels as the same time.

neo_ad3487d ago

woah can not wait to start using this on my PS3