Bartle Responds To Critics

MUD co-creator Richard Bartle has defended his comments about the torture quest in the Wrath of the Lich King expansion for World of Warcraft.

His point-by-point response to last week's criticism makes for interesting reading.

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thetamer3370d ago

He doesn't look like he knows the Geneva convention exists...!

AndyA3370d ago

He does make soem interesting points. And some not so intersting points. And some pretty confusing points.

thetamer3370d ago

I dont' think he makes any sense and I don't think he makes a good point at all. I think the problem is that he's not sure of where reality and game territory lie. If you're going to berate a game for torture then you're basically saying that the use of what is historically a human device for the acquisition of information doesn't and hasn't existed. It's a narrative device and it's used to push the narrative. What next? People aren't allowed to use historic events to forward a narrative? What about films, books and every other thing? If you are really that interested in promoting the Geneva Convention, go work for the UN. There are loads of places in teh world that still use torture and completely ignore the Geneva Convention. If the arguement isn't moral, why bring the Geneva Convention into it?

Maticus3370d ago

He's not growing a vajay-jay? o.O

LokMessier3370d ago

Do I even wanna know o_o??

JohnnyMann4203370d ago (Edited 3370d ago )

...anyways all jokes aside...

Honestly reading through (quickly mind you), he kind of digs a bigger hole and makes less sense as he tries to explain his first rant.

That is, of course, if you think stating an opinion is a way to dig a hole.

(heh, I said "a hole")

To me the first rant sounded like jealousy because why would a game designer be whining about such stupid things that aren't really an issue. You could complain about anything, but WoW? Plus, as we all know, there are MANY quests in WoW that could be worse.

Now he talks about how cartoon violence disturbs him? LAME!

No Tom and Jerry for him. No Peter Griffen vs Chicken for him.

I liked it better when it was Bartle and James. Bartle is a total flatliner by himself.

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