Giant NYC PSP taken down, to be upgraded with new screen

For many visitors of New York's Houston St., the giant PSP has been a landmark for years. The billboard-sized PSP ran videos of the newest and best PSP games (when it worked). However, it looks like it's finally being taken down.

Guess what? It is getting a 3000 series upgrade! According to SCEA's Al de Leon, the PSP billboard will be getting a new and improved screen -- just like the PSP-3000. (Let's hope this doesn't have the scanline issue.)

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mazirjones3395d ago

That thing was bugging out

Fishy Fingers3395d ago

How much for the old one??

Zhuk3395d ago

Shame Sony can't replace the millions of defective PSP-3000 screens that Sony fooled consumers into buying, only Sony can sell a faulty product as a feature and get away with it.

XXXCouture3395d ago

i have a psp 3000 and i can guarantee you theres nothing wrong with it

ultimolu3395d ago

Shame that Microsoft waited until three years to fully fix the RROD. Time will tell if those Jaspers will work out or not. Shame that Zhuk has to imitate the awesome PS3 leader known as Dark Sniper to get his point across.

I'm pretty sure he has games upon games to play instead of wasting everyone's time with his dribble.

LukaX233395d ago

I'm definitively checking this out I live in NYC! SWEET! GOOD GOING SONY! :D

brodels3395d ago

let's hope they don't shorten the battery life with this upgrade

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