New Racing Title Requires Beta Testers

Eutechnyx wants YOU!

The forum admin states:

"Our latest next-generation racing game is entering its final stages of development and we need your help!

If you're a PlayStation 3 owner who loves driving games, can play online at various times of the day and you're committed to completing feedback forms, providing constructive criticism and replying to our questionnaires in a timely, mature manner then you could be the kind of gamer we want in our Closed Beta Program!"


Just a quick update, if you applied for the beta using your US PSN ID chances are you wont get in. According to the admin who says "You need a European PSN ID to be able to download the code" because the beta is ran by SONY and they 'Eutechnyx' had no knowledge of the restriction

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Chuck Norris3370d ago

The closing date for applications has been extended to the 16th December.

Rice3370d ago

same here, i hope i get into the beta...

Jellzy3370d ago

Same here.

There past few titles havent been the best of hits, although Ferrari Challenge was a pretty gd racing sim. Problem with racing sims this gen though is being in the shadow of more established games such as Gran Turismo, and PGR etc.

ryanpmulvey3370d ago

Then I saw they made the pimp my ride game

DNAgent3370d ago

That's exactly what stopped me too.

SnakeShady3370d ago

oh shi....i wanna sign out.

TOO PAWNED3370d ago

another racing game, great we need more of thsoe