Virgin's 50Mb broadband arriving Dec 15?

Mystery event looks certain to be launch conference

Virgin Media looks set to launch its 50Mb broadband on December 15 after inviting journalists to a mystery event.

Although the company has thus far declined to give a firm date for the launch of its 50Mb service, it has always maintained that it would be before the end of the year.

Now, journalists have been told to 'hold the date' on December 15 – where the company will almost certainly show off the fastest broadband in the UK.

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zoydwheeler3398d ago

Though I can't help but wonder if they'll send me one of those lovely threatening letters telling me to stop downloading stuff around a week after launch...

Silvia0073398d ago

Exactly, you get 50Mb service but with such a low bandwidth cap that anything more then checking e-mail will get you that letter.

chasuk083398d ago

Its pointless anyway. If your line cant accept 50mb you wont be getting 50mb, unless your whole area gets upgraded to fibre optic cables. 50mb is useless to the majority of the country as our lines can only take 8mb max.

Cicinho3398d ago

I got Virgins 25mb and I download on average 200gb a month and I never got any letter.

FreeMonk3398d ago

50mb from Virgin is a big fat waste.

I've been on a 20mb service for around 2 years, and I've never had problems with the amount I download. The downloads are unlimited....but what miffs me off is that they throttle the speed after around 4-5gb of downloads.

So after downloading 4-5gb worth of content from Xbox Live, PSN, Internet, Music, Movie Steaming etc it goes from 20mb to around 4-5mb, and this is all day except for a few hours in the early hours of the morning.

Until Virgin sort out there throttling speeds, I won't be getting excited!

gaffyh3398d ago

The speed throttle is bloody annoying, If I'm paying for 10 meg I expect 10 meg, not 2 meg. Seriously that should be illegal for them to do. Plus it get's limited to that on a regular basis, but when you download a very small amount of data (well in todays world), 1.5GB is nothing, you can use all of that by downloading something from PSN.

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Calcio3398d ago

This should be awesome - the modem looks good as well - I can perch it next to my telly and it looks like it's the love child of my PSP and PS3 :D

zoydwheeler3398d ago

Dude! Are you getting excited about A MODEM?

Calcio3398d ago

- a little. It's pretty :D

KingDizzi3398d ago

WOW THAT IS FAST, BT you are going if you dont do something

ChickeyCantor3398d ago

Here in the Netherlands they offer 120Mb.
But you need that special cable connected to your house...and i forgot whatit was called its hella expensive though.
But that price tag will come down anyway.

timmyrulz3398d ago

Another step closer to the death of disk format

theEnemy3398d ago (Edited 3398d ago )

Year 2150 = Death of Disc Format.

The world is not as advanced as you think.

Austin_SJ3398d ago

Killed in a fight with 12 download ghosts.

Scarfy3398d ago

Virgin traffic manages like mad - They'll quote you 50MBs, but you'll only ever seen that at 1am.

There service was once so bad that I couldn't even connect to Google.

F ck Virgin Broadband.

bumnut3398d ago

can't believe the disagrees!

i had 4 meg virgin bb and after i downloaded 700 meg, i was limited to 100k/sec for 4 hours.

i never even got a true 4 meg, but they upgraded me to 10 meg for free and i still got less than 4!

im on o2 now, £10 per month for 16 meg unlimited with no traffic management. but it is only £10 if you have an o2 phone.

Scarfy3398d ago

Must be Virgin Media employees disagreeing. VM are by far the worst service out there.

bumnut3398d ago

i didn't know they had any employees left!

only joking, its not funny when lots of people get laid off

silky3398d ago

are you talking about ADSL (which is always sshit) or DSL? Cos my cable broadband is great from Virgin

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