Japan PS3 Buyers Get Resident Evil 5 Demo Disc

Patrick Steen of Gamezine writes:

"Last week we discovered a Japanese Resident Evil 5 demo for the Xbox 360. Now PlayStation 3 buyers can get hold of a limited edition disc including the demo. Snazzy."

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rogimusprime3516d ago

now people can stop worrying the PS3 is going to get snubbed. even if it DOES come a week later, it won't matter to me.

I'm glad that story last week about no PS3 demo being confirmed generated a lot of hits for the wanna-be sites though.

Panipal20053516d ago

I think we were worried about the West being snubbed, Capcom have not said that won't happen.

Austin_SJ3516d ago

I want a red demo disc.

xg-ei8ht3516d ago

I don't want a disc, i just want to d/l from psn.

AAACE53516d ago

Yeah, uhhh... that's cool and fine, but when will we see a demo over here?

ShinigamiGirl3516d ago

Hopefully only a week or 2 after the japanese release. If not, then probably around begining of 2009.