Gaming Nexus: Exit DS Review

Gaming Nexus writes: "Exit was one of my favorite portable puzzle games ... when it was released two years ago on the PSP. And I also loved the version they released last year on the Xbox Live Arcade. So what took them so long getting it over to the Nintendo DS? This should have been a no-brainer, it's the type of game that would flourish on Nintendo's popular handheld, yet we had to wait two and a half years for it to finally hit this dual screened portable? There's no doubt that this is still a solid puzzle game, but coming all these years later it feels somewhat anticlimactic.

In Exit you play the dark and dashing Mr. ESC, a professional "escapologist" who is tasked with saving a bunch of helpless people from all sorts of terrible disasters. The game is a mix of Lemmings and Prince of Persia, taking the best elements of both games and turning it into one of the most compelling puzzle games of the last five years. Mr. ESC is not a superhero with crazy powers and super strength, instead he's a regular caffeine-addicted guy who seems to know all of the best ways to save the day and rescue the helpless."

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