WhatIfGaming: Quantum of Solace Review: Not The Next Bond

WhatIfGaming writes: "GoldenEye 007 was essentially the only game to be considered worthy of mention from the dozens of releases that we have all seen as time passes. The only real problem has to do with timing. GoldenEye 007 came up on Nintendo 64, and was heralded as the best and initial first person shooter game in a long time. Who doesn't remember gathering around their friends house for a game online? Halo eventually came to perfect it on the next-generation Xbox console, but GoldenEye laid initially marked a stepping stone for 3D shooters. In Quantum of Solace, Treyarch manages to get the sense of GoldenEye in spirit and add other touches, but essentially they fall short to a level. Time has passed, and apparently it's reflected across some gameplay essentials and factors that take away from staples of other series genre."

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