RPG Vault: Demigod Developer Diary #2

RPG Vault writes: "The All-Father's unexplained disappearance means someone within his lineage must replace him in the Pantheon. This would mean ascending to true godhood, so while his descendants possess abilities and characteristics mortals view with awe, many yearn for the almost unimaginable power and authority this position entails. Each is prepared to earn it by proving his or her worthiness in combat. Since they know only a single champion can emerge, all know the trial ahead is enormously challenging. However, the eventual victor's reward will very easily justify the duress, hardship and risk in the ferocious battles to come.

Demigod is a cross-genre project in development at Gas Powered Games for publisher Stardock. Aimed at the first quarter of 2009, it's described as real-time tactical strategy with extensive role-playing elements. We'll be able to pursue glory with two types of characters. The Assassin-class options will be action RPG-like; we'll be in the thick of the arena battles, directly obliterating our adversaries' forces with our powers. Opting for one of the General alternatives will result in a heavier emphasis on strategy; we'll not only fight, but also build an army, lead it into combat, heal our troops, and weaken those of our enemies."

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