Game Focus: Lips Review

Game Focus writes: "In order to steal some heat from the Karaoke Revolution and the SingStar franchises, Microsoft decided it was time to handout a karaoke alternative for all those aspiring singers out there, craving something fresh and new by releasing "Lips", a music/tempo game developed by the genius minds over at iNiS, well known for their work on the cool DS game Elite Beat Agents. The question is: does it deliver?"


+ Nice wireless microphones
+ Extremely easy to pick up
+ Option to use own MP3's
+ Nice, clean and crisp interface
+ Jukebox mode is rather interesting


- Game doesn't offer any challenge at all
- Scoring system is ridiculous
- Not enough downloadable content at launch
- No true online gameplay
- No vision cam support
- Not all MP3's or players are compatible

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