Videogamer: Prince of Persia Review

Videogamer writes: "Despite Prince of Persia's ancient setting, there's something very modern about the game design that could well be used as a template for many games to come. In Ubisoft's latest you can't die. Jump off a cliff, get stabbed by a dark demon or fall into a pool of dark corruption all you like, because you'll get saved and returned to safety. It might sound like a gimmick destined to make for an entirely forgettable, unrewarding experience, but it's not. Prince of Persia does away with one of the most fundamental game design rules and is all the better for it.

The Prince is a cocky guy, no doubt aware of his rippling muscles and rugged good looks, so when an attractive young lady appears in the middle of the desert it's no surprise that he takes an interest. Elika, clearly a girl from the rich side of town, appears to be running from her father, and she's important enough to have guards trying to stop her escape. All isn't quite as it seems, with Elika's father being the King and some kind of deal being made between himself and Ahriman, the evil dark lord. After a fight inside an ancient shrine, corruption (a kind of dark matter) is spread throughout the land, and the once beautiful kingdom is thrust into darkness."

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Perjoss3488d ago

I'm a huge fan of PoP: Sands of Time, and I really liked Assassins Creed even though it kinda lacked content (control of Altair and the whole parkour system was brilliant). I really hope this is good!

sonic19893488d ago

i was planing to get this game ever since it was in devlopment and now the reviews are making me more excited.

Chrissy3488d ago

It looks spectacular! Artwise its a HUUGE achievement. I cant wait to see how will these kind of games look on next next gen hardware.

bomboclaat_gamer3488d ago

yup. it is cell shading and its beautiful

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