PS3 Version of Resident Evil 5 Gets Exclusive Footage

From Three Speech: Capcom revealed last week that the Collector's Edition of Resident Evil 5 will include loads of goodies, including a 32-page colour art book and (most excitingly) a 2 GB USB drive and waist pouch, designed to look like in-game items. We'll be wearing our waist pouch permanently - don't try and stop us.

PS3 owners can also look forward to some special 'making-of' video content. Capcom is really excited about this, describing it as the first Blu-ray game hybrid.

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Mr Fancy Pants3490d ago

first Blu-ray game hybrid????

pwnsause3490d ago

a combination of both a game and the movie, all packed in the same disc.

monkey6023489d ago

Stranglehold - hardboiled

was the first

Flipfito3490d ago

Is this only for Playstation 3?

Viatrophy3490d ago

Both the 360 and PS3 are getting there own collector editions but different bonus content

Fishy Fingers3490d ago (Edited 3490d ago )

Pretty sure the LE is for both the 360/PS3 and contains the same extras. Only difference is the extra footage found on the PS3 Blu-Ray game disc.

32 page booklet, USB key, carry pouch etc all the same regardless of platform. Pretty sure the LE is only going to be available from Capcom though.

barom3489d ago

360 got something as well... but only for a limited time (so I'm guessing the first batch). Don't recall what it was though but there is an article out there somewhere.

Danja3490d ago

sweet..nice to see Capcom showing the PS3 sum luv

NMC20073490d ago

Capcom did this before, didn't they bundle the Street Fighter Animated movie on the same DVD as Street Fighter Anniversary Collection? Or are they just excited because it's a Blu Ray title?

Fishy Fingers3490d ago

Exactly right bro, I have the PS2 Anniversary edition with the movie. Guess it's just because it's the first BR, and maybe the additional content will be in HD (hopefully).

pwnsause3490d ago (Edited 3490d ago )

"and maybe the additional content will be in HD (hopefully)."

Shouldnt it be obvious that it will be in HD? LOLz

I do remember the anniversary edition on the PS2, it did come with the animated movie on the same disc. i guess it wasn't the first time they did it. it should it came with more SF games though, like the alpha series.

Chuck Norris3490d ago

I remember a while back when someone from Sony said that they were talking to game developers about utilizing the extra BluRay space by adding additional content, such as behind-the-scenes and the-making-of videos. This must be it; hopefully more developers will follow.

makingdamage3489d ago

Yeah, but I don´t think Sony meant that they should charge us extra for it! I think the purpose was to have an competitive advantage over the 360 version...

Yipee Bog3489d ago

checked out the extras with uncharted drakes fortune? pretty cool stuff, and lots of it

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The story is too old to be commented.