Tomb Raider: Underworld - 2Old2Play review

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Underworld is not a bad game. It's an awesome brainteaser and Lara goes on a grand adventure that's worth experiencing. Lara herself, apart from her more girl-next-door dimensions, has moved away from the Angelina Jolie stigma by being less gung-ho, more easily angered and remarkably more emotional. Lara is no longer perfect. She has become an individual with a good and a bad side, making her more believable as a lead character - one which the player will want to see more of in the future...

...The lackluster audio and crippling camera hinder the player far too much for the game to be truly amazing. Underworld is not for the easily angered. Beware!

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It's detailed enough to be informative but it's quite fair at the same time.